Fabric and Pattern Stash

About a year ago, I went on a buying frenzy with the full intention to have tons of dresses made by now. Of course, what actually happened is that I bought a bunch of fabric and patterns and they sat around for a year. I already had a small fabric stash and had some patterns that hadn’t been used yet. A year ago, I spent about $300 for my current stash. Earlier this year, I started buying dresses from places like ModCloth and eShakti instead of creating my own dresses. Then I realized that my bank account and closet space might benefit from sewing.

My fabric and pattern stash is a vision into the future creations that will be posted on this blog.

Here are my patterns:

From the top left hand corner: Simplicity 1812, Simplicity 2917, Butterick B5794, and Simplicity 2409.
From the bottom left hand corner: McCall’s M5464, Vogue 8470, McCall’s M6279, McCall’s M6436, and McCall’s M5314.

I’ve used: Simplicity 1812 for a simple elastic band skirt (pink with white polka dots). Butterick B5794 for a short sleeve stretch cotton dress (purple), and McCall’s M5314 for a cotton short sleeve wrap dress (blue).

Missing from the above picture is McCall’s M6124 (the shirt dresses for the August dress I posted yesterday) and McCall’s M6503, which is planned for four future dresses, including a wicked Star Trek TOS print.

My fabric stash (well…part of it…I’ve got more stashed in a cupboard upstairs, but I am too lazy to take more pictures):

Top row from left to right: White cotton broadcloth, an absolutely gorgeous satin brocade in blue with dragons on it (this was very stiff before I washed it and is now surprisingly incredibly soft after washing), and a black cotton eyelet.
Middle row from left to right: White cotton with blue dots (incredibly soft fabric), green stretch cotton, red satin with white polka dots.
Bottom row from left to right: blue lace, blue cotton with tiny white polka dots, on top is a red cotton rayon and bottom is a black cotton rayon.

The satin brocade, red polka dot satin, and blue polka dot cotton are all planned for the same dress:

Sorry this is sideways! I’m lazy. It’s Lazy Sunday. Here is my wonderful Star Trek TOS cotton print. I adore it. Such a gorgeous colour of blue and a perfect thickness for a dress. I’m making McCall’s M6503 with this in the right blue view (buttons down the front and short sleeves). If that dress works out, then the brocade, satin polka dot, and cotton polka dot are all going to become that style, as well. I really love this pattern. It’s my favourite purchase thus far.

So, there is a glimpse into the future! I will reveal other patterns as I get these ones done. First, the shirt dresses and then the Star Trek dress and then we boldly go where no seamstress has gone before.

What does your fabric stash look like?


5 thoughts on “Fabric and Pattern Stash

  1. I love that Star Trek fabric and can't wait to see the dress!

    I've been trying to not to create a stash because I have so little room, so I try to only buy fabric with a specific project in mind. I've been failing epically, since I always buy too much or don't get around to said project. Plus I've been hanging out with a bunch of enablers on Twitter, so I have started buying fabric with no firm plans. It's dangerous.

  2. Fabric stashes are very dangerous! I did buy all of these with a project in mind, though, because my tendency before was to buy a couple of yards here and there and then find out I needed more later.

    I brought a list of the patterns I had along with the types of fabrics and amount. It was a very organized few hundred dollars spent. šŸ˜‰ There is more than this, though. I was super lazy. I've got fabric all over the house… It multiples like tribbles…

  3. Have you created M6503 yet? I would love to see it. I'm about to embark on my first dress… first sewing project since Middle school so I'm online soaking up any tidbits I can get before I actually sew this thing.

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