I mentioned this before and I will mention this again: I am a Star Trek nerd. Along with my wonderful partner in life, the Dandies produce a monthly Star Trek-inspired comedy variety show here in Toronto. It’s called Holodeck Follies.

I started making tribbles for it and have about 38. I haggled for amazing prices on synthetic fur in the Fashion District. The tribbles even have Dandies’ logo tags on them. Right now they are just paper tags, but I’m going to order fabric ones as the tribbles get more popular.

They were definitely a hit last night at our monthly show. One woman wouldn’t stop snuggling her tribble from the start of the show to the end. It was very cute. I even have a custom order today! I’m off to the Fashion District to find some red synthetic fur for an online giveaway and the custom order. I’ll give details for that soon and post pictures of the custom tribbles. I’m really excited for it.


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