Toronto Fashion District

Most of the stores in the Spadina/Queen neighbourhood are overflowing with fabric. You have to be okay with confined spaces in order to enter them. I find them overwhelming, but only in the sense that I want to touch and look at every single piece of fabric. My mind explodes with ideas on what to create out of each one that I admire.

Stacked from the floor up to the ceiling, the fabric overwhelms these stores. I regret not taking a picture of the boxes of buttons in one store that were stacked on shelves in a similar fashion, but I was dying of hunger by that time. You can find any fabric you need, but it takes time or a really great storekeeper. Most know all of their fabric and can help you with anything, but they have to be in the right mood. I once walked in on an all-out argument in a family business and promptly walked out. That was awkward…

I mainly browsed last night. Although, I was searching for some specific things: red synthetic fur, invisible zippers, and buttons. It was nice to just browse the stores and think about all the amazing things.

I saw this fabric below and I might go back to make a jacket out of it. I have a really nice pattern from BurdaStyle that I want to try out, in spite of the issues with the July dress. It’s a light material, perfect for a fall coat.

I ended the day with a peaceful solo dinner at Fresh, a local vegetarian restaurant in Toronto. I’d forgotten what solo dinners were like since I moved to Toronto over four years ago. They are incredibly relaxing for me.

I had a wonderful matcha green tea latte with almond milk and cinnamon on top. I also had a spicy tomato soup with gf cornbread and vegan butter, and a kale salad called Ace of Kales that was divine. Fresh has cookbooks and I highly recommend them.

I had the company of a ladybug. I think it was trying to eat my napkin.

You’ll have to wait to see my purchases in future posts. The buttons will appear on the shirt dresses. The invisible zippers aren’t very interesting, but will be on future dresses. The red synthetic fur is planned for more tribbles for Holodeck Follies. I will post those soon enough. They are so easy to make.

Happy fabric hunting!


2 thoughts on “Toronto Fashion District

  1. I love that tweed! I call the store with the piled-high boxes of buttons “Ian's notions guy.” They have just about everything you need there.

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