Weekend Sewing Plans and FBAs

I haven’t been sewing for a while, but have weekend plans with my sewing machine.

I’m close to being done my purple plaid shirt dress with the sleeve modifications. I just need to sew the sleeves on, sew button holes, and sew buttons.

I washed my July dress and it kicked back at me with a vengeance! A hole appeared in the bust darts. The fabric I used frays like crazy. I’m going to have to reinforce all the seams with zigzag stitches to avoid fraying in the future. Curse you, July Dress!

I’ve got a pile of red synthetic fur to make a pile of red tribbles. I recently got a request for a specific kind of tribble. I’ve hand sewed parts of it. I guess I lied about not sewing lately. I just miss my machine. Doing blanket stitches over and over…. is boring! Also, I did some embroidery, which was boring. Sorry to people who love embroidery. I’m just not a big fan. It looks amazing, though, I wish I liked doing it.

I also want to get started on my September dress, but I don’t want to screw up the wonderful Star Trek fabric in adjusting it to fit me. I’ve decided to try out a full bust adjustment and create a wearable muslin for it with a white cotton that I bought for around $1 per yard during one of Fabricland’s closings in Toronto. I’ve been researching FBAs this week, because it seems like the best way to alter a dress for me.  I’ll be following Sew L.A.’s tutorial on FBAs. I found it to be the most comprehensive, because it also explains how to measure yourself and how to find out where your dart should be by using the pattern. I imagine I will still have some alterations to do past the bodice, but I am looking forward to doing the FBA. The other reason I decided to do it is because I have tons of fabric planned for the same pattern. I just love the pattern that much. I’m hoping the reality of it will fit with my vision. I made end up making cap sleeves instead, though. I do have an obsession with puffed cap sleeves

Those are my plans for the weekend.

What do you have planned?


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