Burda Plus Size and Weekend Update

Burda released their newest bunch of plus-size patterns. The collection is called True Grit. It does remind me of tracking down my father’s murderer with a U.S. Marshal and a Texas Ranger. They got the name right.

This collection has some good points and bad points.

Good points (not really):

Burda continues to put forth the effort to create plus-size patterns, which is more than some pattern companies do. Their patterns are by far the worst, though. There are some nice patterns in this collection. I like some of the blouses, but overall the patterns are made to hide curves and hide fat. I am too old now to give a flying fudge (mmm, fudge) about hiding my fat and hiding my curves. I want to emphasize my curves and embrace my fat. I don’t want to wear sacs. I wore men’s jeans in high school and oversized shirts and was incredibly depressed until I was 24. Now that I am 32, I am having fun with clothes. This collection just doesn’t scream fun.

Bad points:

Two blouses are exactly the same except for the sleeve details. The Folk Blouse has an elastic band at the cuff and the Peasant Blouse has no cuffs. Apparently, Burda decided to make us plus-size people purchase two patterns for a sleeve variation.

There is a pattern called Tasseled Shoulder Bag. It’s a great bag pattern. Although, I would prefer it without the tassels. It’s not really a plus-size pattern, though. It’s an accessory.

The model isn’t plus sized. I would be incredibly surprised if she fit into the size range that Burda has for plus size. The smallest size for the below top is 44: bust 39.5″ x waist 32.5″ x hips 41.75″. Look at the below picture for the Ruched Top:

39.5″ bust? I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think so, because that would mean she was 8 inches smaller than my bust and my bust is pretty huge… The top itself is baggy on her. It’s possible they did cut a size 44 for her and then go for the baggy look. In that case, these patterns would not fit me in the same way as the model unless I used a much larger size.

The worst part of the collection is the Shearling Coat:

An enormous shapeless bag for all your fat-hiding needs.


I want Burda to use their customer’s feedback and consider that when they are creating the next line. Maybe they should bring in a real person to help them design.

Weekend update:

I’ll post on my weekend sewing adventures later this week. I still need to take pictures.

I finished the purple plaid shirt dress.
Partially created a muslin for the Star Trek dress out of white cotton.
I sewed tribbles, but ran out of stuffing.
I also cut out indigo blue lace for a lingerie project and green stretch cotton for a draped cardigan with a very simple design. I cut out both using existing clothes and inspiration from other projects. I need to buy some thread for the lace and a wide satin ribbon to match, but I am excited to talk about it. The green cardigan will take me very little time to sew up, but I should finish the muslin for the dress first.

I get ridiculous pleasure out of not using a pattern, but using ideas and measurements and existing clothing. I feel like that is the path that my sewing is heading down.


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