August Dress #2

Since this week has been so busy, I’ve only now been able to take pictures of the second shirt dress I made.

 As you can see, I didn’t bother to match the plaid on the button band. I am okay with that. Any matching of the pattern happened completely by chance. The back was almost perfectly matched in the two centre panels, but not on the side panels. I don’t feel the need to match fabric. I’m sure I am committing some seamstress sin there.

I did the sleeve alteration to make them fit better, but other than that the construction and fit are exactly the same as the green shirt dress.

The buttons on this were basic metal buttons, but they matched the metallic silver threads going through the fabric.

Speaking of the silver threads, they made it extremely difficult to sew this fabric. My needle would hit a silver thread and the entire length of fabric would bunch up like crazy. As a result, not all my sewing is straight. I also had to sew without pins, because the fabric was pretty light. I would never use this type of fabric again. It’s very pretty, but so frustrating because of the pulling of the metallic threads. My machine hated it.

I finished this on Friday, August 30th. I’m very happy with it except for a few wonky lines. It’s a gorgeous colour.


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