I was recently asked by a wonderful, amazing, awesome band in Toronto, Copy Red Leader, to create an awesome tribble. CRL was our featured guest at the August Holodeck Follies.

A local paper called SNAP was there to take pictures. We got our audience members to throw all the tribbles in the air for promotional fun time.

Look at all the fun!

The 38 tribbles I made came in handy and we sold three that night. Devin of Copy Red Leader fame (seriously check out this band: they sing about the Princess Bride and Star Wars) requested a tribble in Copy Red Leader red with a bandolier like Chewbacca’s.

Tribblebacca was born (because Chewibble sounds odd).

I made the pouch big enough for business cards and embroidered CRL on the pouch in the appropriate font. The artillery is sculpey polymer clay. The bandolier is felt. I used a blanket stitch to bind it.

Oh Tribblebacca! I love this little guy so much that I am holding him captive until Copy Red Leader guest at Holodeck Follies on November 6. Come and check them out and watch me cry as I give up this little guy!

**This is not the Tribblebacca you are looking for**

But seriously, check out Copy Red Leader.

And, if you are in Toronto, definitely check out Holodeck Follies.


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