My first Full Bust Adjustment August Dress #3 (sort of…)

I’m doing a little time warp here with my posts. It’s just a jump to the left.

I started my wearable muslin on Saturday, August 31st, making it the third August dress (So what I finished it this past Saturday, September 7? 😛 I actually only had to finish the skirt on Saturday). It was my first full bust adjustment.

And it turned out wonderfully! I love this dress more than words can explain. It’s McCall’s M6503. I used white cotton on top and a lovely fabric on the bottom from my stash. I think it’s a polyester blend. I bought it in 2010 during one of Fabricland’s closing sales. It’s one of the fabrics from my stash that I was too lazy to retrieve for a picture. I also bought it in pink with white polka dots and made a skirt with it in 2010. It’s an incredibly soft fabric and great for twirling. The length is about three inches shorter than the pattern, because I only had a yard of this wonderful fabric, but it works on short-me!

I also made in-seam pockets for this dress to try those out for the first time. I forgot to take picture of them, but I am happy-ish with them. They are too low for me, because I was trying to accommodate the side zipper. For the Star Trek fabric dress, I will be only putting in one pocket on the opposite side from the zipper. I only ever need one pocket for my phone and work key. Everything else goes in my purse.

I followed Sew L.A.’s Full Bust Adjustment.

Here’s my new front bodice piece for the pattern. In sewing the muslin, I discovered that I had to shorten the centre bottom by three inches. I have a short torso, but the bust adjustment was almost perfect otherwise.

I am going to do a forward shoulder adjustment for the next one, though, because the shoulder doesn’t quite sit right, especially when I am sitting down.


I also had to add a little length to the waistband. It’s still a little tight, but not bad at all. I will probably add another inch overall to the front band. The back was perfect. I made no adjustments there at all. I may, however, add a little bit more to the length of the waistband for my own style preferences.

I also added a little more to the sleeve, but just on the ends. The upper sleeve needed no adjustment. That turned out perfectly.

I still adore the dress in spite of what I am changing for the next version. My BF loves it, as well. He complimented me a lot.

I have a busy weekend with my dissertation and many cups of tea with almond milk this weekend. Sadly, no sewing in my weekend unless I get my chapter and my annotated bibliography done ahead of time. It’s motivation for me to work fast and work well. I probably shouldn’t have sewed all last weekend and instead balanced it with my dissertation, but I love sewing too much!

Is there a seamstress anonymous meeting I can go to?

Edit: I swear I will manage my time between sewing and my dissertation better in the future. I have one more year left to get my dissertation done. It’s top priority. I’ve got to create a schedule for the time balance.


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