Phew… Time Flies… September dress #2

It’s been almost a month since my last post. My month was mainly working on my dissertation and improv shows. We had a limited run show (three Mondays in a row) called Clockwork [Orange is the New] Black. I got sick in the middle of the run and missed a show. Then we had our monthly Holodeck Follies. In between rehearsals, I scrambled around trying to get work done on my dissertation. Time management hasn’t been very strong with me in the past few months. I extended due dates by a week here and there and I got things done relatively on time. I’ve got to create a system that balances my life. Like 12 extra hours in the day or winning the lottery.

I did some sewing. Not nearly as much as I wanted to, but I am pleased that I got another September dress done.

The Star Trek dress complete with pictures from me wearing it to Holodeck Follies:

Dale and I are in the centre with our sketch troupe act, Beggar’s Canyon, doing the thumb’s up.

 This is our music act, Candace Sand. She sang an awesome song to Kirk.
Here is our headliner, Garrett Jamieson, a stand-up comic.

I sewed French seams and created one in-seam pocket. I’m pleased with it for the most part. I regret not getting the red print for this. I like the blue, but our show has a red shirt theme. I have to shorten the button band a little, as well. This seems to be an issue with the pattern and me. I have a large pile of fabric that I was going to use with this pattern, but I may move on instead and explore a different pattern.

The next plans are for Halloween costumes. Luckily, one of those is a dress. So, I can nicely accomplish my dress a month. Dale is getting a tuxedo tailcoat that I will be drafting myself. I am making a Regency dress and a cropped jacket. Depending on how much fabric/time I have, I may also make a bonnet.

In between all of this, I am cleaning up the recently vacated master bedroom. Dale and I are now roommate-less and fancy free. We want to move out of the basement and into the master bedroom. This means painting and fixing up the bedroom and the bathroom. In true Andie-fashion, I’m also making a bed. Make sure I am still alive in December.

12 more hours in the day or win the lottery. *crosses fingers*


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