A Very Dandy Proposal and Star Trek filled months

It’s been a while since I posted and I haven’t been doing much sewing. October – December flew by in a crazy whirling ride.

My sewing project in October was my Halloween costume. I sewed these three pieces. The main dress is from satin, the vest made with leather, and the skirt made with velvet and a satin ribbon.

 Then I made a little hat headband with polymer clay clockwork pieces in it and duplicated that with a clockwork piece for my face and a Star Trek clockwork badge.

 Who am I? Seven of Nine O’Clock! Clockwork Star Trek cosplay. I love being nerdy.

Here’s a close-up of the face and hat. 🙂 My only regret is not having enough time to make an arm piece, but that would have required a lot more than polymer clay.

I wore this to our annual Movember fundraiser show Close Shave. You can see more pictures of the event here.

Dale proposed to me that night! I was utterly speechless, which doesn’t happen often.

He actually gave me two rings (note the Star Trek nails). Our anniversary was on October 31st and he gave me the claddagh without saying anything. The very next night when he got down on one knee I was completely surprised and confused. I love my ring, though. The stone is tourmaline and there are two diamonds flanking it. The setting is gorgeous. You can watch the proposal here.

Needless to say after that, I didn’t get much posted here and I didn’t sew much for the next month.

I celebrated my 33rd birthday in November with a Disney Princess party, because I figure if you can’t be silly at 33, what is the point? Here are some pictures of my me-made decorating and food at my party:

 Tissue paper pom-poms, 33 all over the wall.

 Veggies and dips (not pictured), thai meatballs in the crockpot, raspberry and lime jello shots.

 It’s soooooo sparkly!!!!!

 Coconut macaroons and mini cherry and blueberry cheesecakes.


I sadly didn’t have time to make myself a Disney Princess costume, but I wore a cute Modcloth dress instead.

Our roommate moved out at the beginning of October and we moved into the Master bedroom, which means that we turned our room into a man cave/craft room. My mind was pretty focused on fixing up both rooms in November. Not much got done in the way of sewing. I still need a light in my craft area, but the whole place is getting there. I will pick up a shop light soon. It’s a basement room and lacks proper lighting for doing any crafting.

I didn’t sew until my Christmas present to Dale:

 It’s a Geordi LaBodyPillow! 🙂 He’s pretty cute, even though I messed up the insignia by reversing the colours. Oh well. I made it in two hours on Christmas Eve in a fury before Dale arrived home.

Our holidays were rather Star Trek-filled after that:

 Gingerbread cookies someone at a local geeky event made.

One of my Christmas presents from Dale so that I can make more and more Star Trek crafts. 🙂 Dale also bought us matching Star Trek robes, Star Trek ice cube tray, and a Spock Oven mitt for me!

Of course there were other fandoms included in our wonderful geeky Christmas. Doctor Who, Monty Python, Harry Potter. Not pictured above, Dale also got me Doctor Who Monopoly. 🙂 I was spoiled rotten, which is odd, because I was not a good girl.

Here’s photographic evidence of me being a jerk to my cat:

In spite of her expression, Trinity was surprisingly docile for all events. She turns 14 this April. It might be in her old age that she is getting more tolerant of my exploits.

I’ve got a current project on the go – an owl pillow for a friend – but that’s been put on hold while I recover from a minor surgery and until I get a light for my craft area. I’ll post the project soon. 🙂


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