Indie Pattern Month

Indie Pattern Month starts in June and you know what? I’m going to do it, because it’s a month away, which gives me time to plan and start sewing, and because I have acquired quite a few indie patterns lately (Colette’s Moneta, Cake Pattern’s Espresso Leggings, and Pattern Anthology’s Just Add Jeans Collection, which I think counts even though it’s not on the list of Indie designers?). I just ordered Sewaholic’s Cambie dress that I’ve been eyeing for a really long time. I will have to do an FBA for it, but I am excited. I’ve been wanting that dress for a really long time, because it’s 99.9% the style I love to wear. I would prefer every dress I own to have a sweetheart neckline. It’d be perfect if it had puffed sleeves.

I only really mentioned puffed sleeves to use this picture again.

I also really like the Anna Dress from By Hand London. It’s been on my wishlist for a while, too, but I think I should wait for that. My tendency is to buy tons of patterns and fabric and look at them. I am not allowed to by the Anna Dress pattern until I pump out at least five dresses. I’m definitely not allowed to buy fabric until my stash is depleted a little more.

Must. Be. Good.

But I digress.

Indie Pattern Month is great. There weekly challenges:

Week 1: Dresses (I wear those!)

Week 2: New-to-Me (All of these patterns are new to me!)

Week 3: FRANKEN-INDIE (I said that in a loud German accent with muppet arms!)

Week 4: Indie Fan-Girl LEVEL: ULTIMATE (Cue Streetfighter theme!)

AND THERE ARE PRIZES!!!!!!!!! /muppet arms!


So, yeah, I have a month to get my shhhh…tuff together (censored for da little ones).

I’m not sure that I will do all of those challenges, but I will definitely do one of them. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Indie Pattern Month

  1. Ooh, this sounds like fun! The scary thing is… I can do this without buying any new patterns, or even making very many new plans. Pump out those dresses so you can buy the Anna. It’s fabulous. 🙂

    1. It’s good you can do it without buying any new patterns! Means you get to use any indie patterns you haven’t before as well as the ones you love. 🙂 I’m definitely getting the Anna after I sew up a few dresses.

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