Geek Craft Sunday by Andie

Check out the tribbles I make for my improv show, Holodeck Follies. What custom tribbles should I make next? I’ve made a Tribblebacca and an Ensign tribble along with plenty of regular tribbles. 🙂

The Dandies

This week I am highlighting our tribbles. I started making them a year ago and they’ve joined us in countless shows, as well as at our first con, Ad Astra. Happy 1st Birthday, Tribbles! It’s been quite the year!

Holodeck Tribble multiplication Holodeck Tribble multiplication

Holodeck Tribble selfie Holodeck Tribble selfie

Holodeck Tribble party Holodeck Tribble party

The tribbles are made with artificial fur and polyester stuffing. They are machine sewn and then hand-sewn closed with a Dandies tag. If you want to learn how to make them, there are tons of tutorial on the web and tribbles are also in The Star Trek Craft Book. But if you want to avoid doing any work because work is dumb, you can get your very own from us for some gold-plated latinum!

But why just have a basic tribble, when you can have a special tribble? Like our very own Ensign Doonot “Troibly” Removetag! The comm badge is also…

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