Me-Made-May 1st week round-up

Ah fudge, turns out I am participating!

Someone pointed out in their blog about repairs being part of their pledge and wearing stuff once a week. So, I guess I pledged in the previous entry in a round about way to do that.

Of course, I didn’t take pictures, because I’m a horrible person.

May 2nd I wore this dress after getting home from work:


On May 3rd, for free comic book day, I wore the hoodie part of my Harley Quinn costume over a store-bought dress:

406798_157665114379119_1541041185_n (1)

Check out my free comic books:


Unfortunately, in wearing both of the above stretch cotton pieces, I discovered holes in them from thinner cotton. The green is a super thin cotton stretch that has a few seam holes and, on the hoodie, the red pocket caused some holes on the black. I’ll just patch up both this weekend.

Today, I am wearing this shirt dress:


I repaired the rip in the seam of the above dress and I fixed the bodice on my Star Trek dress:


I also made some show props for Holodeck Follies that I will be blogging about on Sunday over at The Dandies.


I love comments, but sometimes I may be slow to respond/approve. I will respond though. :)

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