Geek Craft Sunday by Andie – Lend me your ears

Some more geek crafts for Holodeck Follies. 🙂

The Dandies

Sometimes I do some pretty wacky things for our show. Dale comes up with fun ideas and I supply neat props. We’re a good team that way. In case you missed our show on Wednesday (shame! 😛 ), here are some highlights of my creations for the show Dale titled “Vulcan Hissy Fit.”

vulcan ears.jpg Lend me your vulcan ears

The ears are made with some fuzzy white polar fleece with elastics to go around our regular ears.

Grey Poupon Farr.jpg Excuse me, sir, do you have any grey poupon farr?

These are regular French’s mustard containers with a new label. An easy prop for any stage hand to make.

Ensign Enson (Zach Melia) came on stage covered in the mustard and the rest of the crew was overcome by a rare Vulcan disease that turned us all into Vulcan teenagers complete with Vulcan ears.

I think the next logical step to creating Vulcan ears…

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