Summer Stashbusting 2014

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Summer Stashbust 2014 is well under way! The lovely Quirky Peach (otherwise known as Sally) is organizing a great way to get rid of your stash this summer and I am taking part.

I pledge to not buy new fabric or new patterns until after September 21, 2014.

My fiance will be happy about this pledge as will my wallet. I just bought a bunch of fabric last week and am pretty broke for the next year and more as I save for a wedding/honeymoon and pay back all my loans that are in repayment now that I am out of school.

I have two drawers of a dresser filled with fabric and a pile on my sewing table, too. I’m confident that I can make two things a month, if not more. I don’t want to commit to more at this time, because July is going to be insanely busy for me with improv performances almost every weekend at local conventions.

I took these pictures a year ago of a portion of my stash. Let’s just say this is super small compared with what it is now. I did manage to use a couple of the fabrics below during the year, though, but I still have the teal satin brocade, black eyelet, white and navy polkadot, red and black rayon, and tiny navy and white polkadots. Out of the pattern stash, I have only used three of those patterns! Ooops. And I bought tons more over the year.

From the top left hand corner: Simplicity 1812 (skirt used), Simplicity 2917, Butterick B5794 (used), and Simplicity 2409. From the bottom left hand corner: McCall’s M5464, Vogue 8470, McCall’s M6279, McCall’s M6436, and McCall’s M5314 (used).
Top row from left to right: White cotton broadcloth (mostly used), an absolutely gorgeous satin brocade in blue with dragons on it, and a black cotton eyelet. Middle row from left to right: White cotton with blue dots, green stretch cotton (used), red satin with white polka dots. Bottom row from left to right: blue lace (used), blue cotton with tiny white polka dots, on top is a red cotton rayon and bottom is a black cotton rayon.

This also means that you won’t see a Moneta every two seconds (I have to blog about my third one made this weekend), because I am almost out of stretch material for them. I may have one more in there, though! Sorry, not sorry.

My next projects involve some of the thrifted fabric (shown below) I got a few weeks back and my Lekala patterns from the Monthly Stitch dresses win.

wpid-20140521_000350.jpg wpid-20140521_000222.jpg

I also bought Sewing Cake‘s Pavlova and printed off their free t-shirt pattern, the Tee. I also have the Espresso leggings pattern and might have enough stretch material for a couple of capri-length pairs of leggings.

More than enough to keep me occupied and sewing for the next three months! This will be a great thing for my self-control.

In summation:

I pledge to not buy fabric or patterns until after September 21, 2014.

I pledge to make at least two garments per month (total of 6 or more) from now until September 21, 2014.

Edit: However, if the fabric/pattern is needed for a show piece or someone is paying me to sew, I have to buy it.


3 thoughts on “Summer Stashbusting 2014

  1. Good luck! I’m sort of stash-busting, too, except I have a wardrobe plan and there are specific fabrics I need to buy to complete certain items, so the “no buying new stuff” part is a no-go. Fortunately I’ve got the Sew For a Change project to keep me fairly honest.

    1. Well, I have to also buy fabric for things for our show. I edited the post to say this can’t prevent me from doing that. I think you can likely adjust your pledge to say that you will try to stashbust and still share on the site. I’ve already sort of broken my no pattern buying part of the pledge, but the Bundle Up ( was all plus-size patterns this month. I COULDN’T TURN IT DOWN! #shamespiral

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