FESA 2014 round up

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Back on September 12th, I planned out all my sewing from then until November 30th (today!). I’m actually really pleased with how it went and it’s shaped some plans for my winter sewing. There are some things that didn’t work and some things that I tossed out the window in favour of the newest shiny thing and one thing I am still working on.

I’ll address each FESA 2014 category and then show you what I made or talk about the fail in that category.

Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather: Two Fails, but a bonus win!


I made two pairs of Espresso leggings and both were utter failures. I just was not able to fit the top of the leggings. The fit for the legs was fine, but the top never fit correctly. I hate wasting jersey so much, because it’s really tough to find cheap jersey that makes a decent muslin. I’ve decided to scrap it and just make leggings from existing RTW leggings that fit me perfectly. I will do that in December and write up a tutorial, if you are interested. πŸ™‚ I wish I could show you a picture of the fails, but it would just be me with the leggings at my knees and I am not ready to break the internet with that horrible sight.

Pencil Skirt:


Another fail for this category with Lekala #5088. I just hated it so much. I am planning on continuing my lovely search for a perfect pattern. Next up will be Tenterhook’s Snapdragon and Bluegingerdoll’s Betsy. Both are high waisted skirts and will be more flattering on me than this one, which I pulled up to my high waist and then clipped at the back (which is why it looks better in the pic than in real life).

Bonus Skirt:

I didn’t plan another Pavlova out, but I did make it and twirl in it:


And I love it so much.

Chic Chemises for Cool Climates: Three Wins!


P1020336 P1020329

Talk about two wonderful wins in this category! I adore my hacked Parisian cardigan and my Jenna CardiΒ so much. I have plans to make a ton more Jenna Cardis before the year is done.


I didn’t plan it, but I also had a great win with my Muse Pattern’s Gillian wrap top! I wear it pretty regularly and love the colour so much. I plan on making the dress up soon.

Fabulous Frocks: Three wins and one not made!



My wrapalong dress was a huge success. I adore this Burda faux wrap tunic so much. I wear it once a week and find it incredible comfortable and warm.

Fall of 1000 Shirt Dresses:


I am super proud of this cat lady shirt dress. It’s definitely my favourite make of the year and my best make of all time. I highly recommend using McCall’s 6696, if you love shirt dresses or cute dresses. It’s a really great pattern and fits most people out of the envelope due to the smart bust sized pieces. I will be doing a full bust adjustment for a future version due to the pulling in the bodice, but it worked for me straight out of the envelope and that is very rare for me. I plan on making a ton more during my two weeks off at Christmas.

Lekala #4155:

Well, that dress never happened. Perhaps a bit ambitious of me. I also wasn’t feeling it after the Lekala pencil skirt didn’t work out.

Colette Moneta:


I love this fall Moneta. However, I have rarely worn it at all this fall. It doesn’t help that itΒ sat in my sewing room for two months waiting for elastic at the waist. I’m a horrible procrastinator. I love the Moneta, but I think it’s my last one for a little bit.

Tender Tootsies: A whole lot of nope!

Since the espresso leggings never happened, my idea to make espresso tights never happened. I think I might try out Rose Hip tights someday in the future, though, especially after seeing the lovely Lauren’s version at Lladybird.

I also never cut the knit tights I had into socks. It would be perfect right now to do that, though, since all my socks are filling with holes and I need to get new ones as of two months ago. I’m a horrible procrastinator! Or I am always drawn into the shiny things. πŸ˜‰

Underneath it All: A Win and a not made!

Underwear was never made, sadly. Like the socks, I kept procrastinating with them. I will try my hand at it soon.


I was at the Bra Maker’s Supply on the 28th and 29th this month for a beginner bra making class. Which was absolutely perfect, because the 28th is my birthday! I am just going to give you a preview here of the first bra and I will write up a whole post about this experience and the alterations for the next version.


Baby It’s Cold Outside: In progress!

My First Coat!

I decided to not use any of the patterns in my planning post, because I looked at View A of Vogue 8346 and saw that they used a similar print to the wool I had. I finished the muslin and have the coat cut out, but it won’t be done for a little while longer. I’m so pleased with it so far!


Colour/Pattern Palette:

fall colour palette

Well, I didn’t stick with my intended palette much. My fall Moneta was orange, but more on the burnt orange side. I didn’t get around to making anything in plaid or pink. I have yellow accents in my Jenna cardi, though. I did purchase a few pink fabrics, including a pink plaid that looks even better than the one above. More pink will emerge in my wardrobe in the future.

All in all, more successes than fails or not doing anything at all. I’m pretty pleased with how FESA 2014 went for me this year.


9 thoughts on “FESA 2014 round up

    1. I am definitely going to continue my pencil skirt fight. I’m going to put “Eye of the Tiger” on loop to play during my next one. πŸ˜‰

  1. You have been so productive! I’m really excited to hear about the bra making class. I;ve been looking for one anywhere near me, but no luck (and I’m talking about a 6 hour drive radius). I’m thinking about the craftsy class, but I’m not sure that compares to getting help with fit in person. My problem is that I have major boob discrepancy between my two girls, so no bra fits both well!

    1. I really wish you could take the course with Bev. She truly is the fairy bramother! There aren’t many bra classes at all in the world and Bev is definitely the top person to learn fitting from. I would still recommend Bev’s craftsy class. In terms of fitting, you would have to accept that the first few bras are not going to be perfect. You’ll be making darts here and there and then tweaking your pattern for those differences. You basically buy a pattern that is close to your measurements and tweak, tweak, tweak. Unfortunately, unlike in other garment, you can’t really test your bra fit until the very end. 😦 I’ll be writing about all of this within the week. I just need to organize my thoughts from the weekend. Bra making is very interesting, though!

  2. You’ve made some great pieces. I just bought my first bra pattern and kit. Looking forward to getting started on it in the new year. It looks fun!

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