Winter Round-up and Spring Sewing plans

Winter Round Up

Well, the rest of winter went by super fast and I wasn’t in the sewing mood for most of it. Let’s see how I achieved my objectives for the sewing categories I set out in my Winter Sewing Plans:

1. Underwear:


I managed to clone my Elomi bra. I also this weekend tried Seamwork’s Florence lounge bra pattern. I will talk about it in a separate post. I also made another pair of underwear from my self-drafted pattern. I compared it to Seamwork’s Geneva knickers pattern, but found that the pattern ran very large for me and decided to go with my own pattern instead.

2. Outerwear:

DSC_0883 DSC_0751

I made Golden Rippy’s Omega Angel Jacket and M6614, my Hello Kitty hoodie.

I did not get to making my raincoat M6517.

3. Skirts:


I made my Tenterhook Patterns’ Snapdragon skirt in pink denim.

I haven’t blogged about them yet, but I made 2 dirndl skirts and have 2 more cut out and ready to go. I’m planning on blogging all four together to talk about the techniques I used for them and to not bore you with several posts of the same skirts. I’m hoping to get them done this week, though.

I did not get around to making a Sewaholic Hollyburn or a Bluegingerdoll Betsy skirt.

4. Men’s Clothes:

My poor understanding fiance. I have neglected this category completely.

5. Dresses:


I made a Bluegingerdoll Violet Dress in snake print jersey with red accents.

I did not get to the Burdastyle tunic.

6. Tops:


I made one white Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte top.

No Sewaholic Oakridge blouse, no M6649, and no M7094.

All in all, I did something in almost every category, but not everything. It was my goal to hopefully make something in every category, but not my goal to achieve everything. Planning posts are meant to direct me a little and inspire my sewing.

That being said, I am going for less ambitious plans for Spring sewing this time. We’re in full wedding planning mode and my desire to cuddle my fiance in the evening is stronger than my desire to sew right now.

Spring Sewing Plans:

1. Outerwear:

I swear I will get that raincoat made sometime this year. As a reminder, these are the fabrics I plan to use:


Pattern M6517:


I also want to make M7100:


I have a major lack of Spring coats for weather that is in between. I plan on making this jacket twice in two fabrics with black rib knit and metal zippers:


I bought the black/white fabric at the thrift store and the floral denim was from Joann fabrics. The black/white is actually a very small houndstooth with a loose weave and feels like cotton. I am pretty sure it will fray like crazy so I need to figure out how to line the jacket.

2. Men’s clothes:

I swear I will get this done. I plan on cutting out the first one this weekend. I have narrowed down the pattern to Simplicity 1544:


View A with just the collar stay and not the full collar in black cotton from a local store.

3. Dresses:

Well, number one here would be my wedding dress, which I plan on posting in a few stages: planning, construction, and then the reveal, which won’t be until July…. Sorry! Want my dress to be somewhat of a surprise for my family. 🙂

Other than that, I am shifting my Winter plans of sew all the skirts into Spring plans of sewing all the dresses. I don’t plan on making any more skirts until after the wedding, but I love Spring for wearing bright colours and gorgeous dresses.

Surprise! I want more M6696 shirtdresses. You’ve seen my other versions:

DSC_0722 P1020313

Well, now I want to create a Spring version using these complementary purple prints:


I have a few printed fabrics, including an amazing Wonder Woman fabric that Tanya sent me:


I want to make them into simple dresses that don’t hide the prints: darted bodice and gathered skirt. I tried to find a simple darted bodice in my stash, but sadly wasn’t able to find one that I liked. The plan is to create a muslin with the bodice of Lekala’s free dress pattern #8000 and then add a gathered skirt to it. Instead of the back zipper, I will be making a side zipper and in-seam pockets. I’ve done this twice with my dirndl skirts. I like the look of the Lekala bodice, but it will be needing some fitting tweaks to work for me. Luckily, it’s just the bodice that I will need to fit. I will probably need to lengthen the bodice as I don’t feel like Lekala really accounts for the extra fabric needed to get around huge boobs.

I still want to make the Burda tunic dress:

Burda tunic wpid-wp-1421703057128.jpg

I also want to make Simplicity 1459:


I really love Tanya’s versions of this and have been wanting to make this for a while. I have two fabrics for two versions; a lovely white and navy gingham cotton and white and blue polka dot cotton:


Finally, I’d like to make another Muse Pattern’s Melissa dress using the final version of the pattern, but I don’t have any appropriate fabrics for it yet. I’m hoping for a sweet thrift store score sometime for that.


4. Top:

Only one top planned. The same M7094 from the Winter plans:


With this fabric:


I managed to pick up this drapey hunter green polyester crepe at the thrift store and there is more than enough to make view B with the button tabs, but with the tunic length/shaped hem from view D.

5. Lingerie

I plan on making another cloned Elomi bra with the changes I noticed from wearing the previous version. Here are my fabrics:


I am also planning out more underwear to finally write up the post on that. I have some more tweaks and learning from the version I made this weekend. My fabrics are all scraps for that from previous projects or clothes that I am deconstructing so I am not going to post them. You’ll just have to wait for the finished versions.

Those are my plans from now until June 21st. Less ambitious from my Winter plans or more depending on your view…? What are your plans?


17 thoughts on “Winter Round-up and Spring Sewing plans

  1. I am in awe of your jackets. They are both amazing!. Will be very interested to hear your thoughts about the Colette Florence bralette.

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂

      I just need to collect my thoughts on it, but I should post about the bralette this week. 🙂

  2. Woweeee. Thems a lot of plans! You made loads over winter, so don’t feel bad, I had huge (unblogged) plans and made next to nothing. Your spring plans are brilliant, you have found some absolutely lovely patterns. I particularly like the shirt and tunic dress. Lush! I can’t wait to see your wedding dress either! Xxx

    1. You made a ton, too! “Next to nothing” pffft! 😛 I’ll probably get to the tunic and shirt in the next couple of weeks while I am waiting on the arrival of the last of my fabric for my wedding dress. 🙂 xxx

  3. DUDE, THAT DINOSAUR PRINT! It just makes me smile when I look at it! Great colors, and I love how they all look a little derp-y!

    Can’t wait to hear about Florence, because I really want to make one too!

    Also, cannot wait to see your Simplicity 1459’s. Those fabrics are perfect!

    1. I got the dinosaur print at the thrift store. Originally, it was all supposed to be for a swap, but I ended up keeping a bunch for myself. My dream for that dress is to be accused of being Ms. Frizzle from Magic School Bus. 😉 Her dresses were always fab!

      I’m most excited for the Simplicity dresses. 😀 I just love the style so much and the fabrics are so perfect. That polka dot fabric is so wonderful to touch.

  4. I want to see ALL of it! Especially your wedding dress! Man, I wish we could sew all the things, sew sew fast. There’s so much I want to make and have RIGHT NOW and I don’t get it done…. Arghhh….. It’s nice to plan though, even if it takes us a while to scratch them off our lists. You’ve been uber productive in my book! Now…. if I can force myself in my allergy/drug induced haze to go sew for the rest of the day, things will be good for me. But….oh….so…..tired…… Spring. 😦 Meh….

    1. I’m sad to hear you are having Spring allergies. 😦 I get allergies right about now in Canada, when all the snow is melted and before things grow and streets are cleaned. It’s due to something called snow mold. Oh Canada…. lol. Hopefully, we will both start feeling less hazy soon!

      If only I could sew all the time, I’d get so much done. 😉

      1. We have snow mold? This explains much. Also? Ew.

        Okay, I just looked it up. I thought it was moldy snow or some such thing.

  5. I think you can give yourself a pat on the back for what you have accomplished on your goal list! You have made alot! I love planning things, it gives a one bit of sewing momentum, although I am learning that things hardly ever goes according to plan..(draining full time job, feeling “meh” sometimes, sudden inspirations that demand my immediate attention) Your spring list looks great, and the wedding dress is a biggie! So exciting! I take it that you are doing that first and then the rest depending on how it goes? Btw I want that wonder woman and dinosour fabric!!! I have fabric with a pacman-style print that I want to make into a dress one day:)

    1. Thanks, Marike. 🙂 /pats self on back
      I hear you about things not going according to plan and the draining full time job. :/ /hugs

      I am still waiting on one more package with wedding dress fabric. So in the meantime, I get to sew other things. 🙂 But yeah, as soon as I get it, I am making the wedding dress first. 🙂

      Omg, pacman fabric!!! That is soooo cool!

  6. Well done, you! That’s a lot! And since it still seems to be acting like winter here (I mean, wtf is that -5 deg. stuff they’re trying to pull), you could handily fit it some of that winter sewing. 😉

    1. Thanks, Andrea. 😀 Yeah, looking back….I guess I was pretty productive, especially after posting all those skirts I made….

      Pffft, winter sewing! I’m sewing for Spring now. No going back!

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