Second helpings

With a little over five weeks until the wedding, things are getting pretty busy! I still have a ton of time to sew oddly enough. But not time to take pictures and blog. I just finished my wedding dress this weekend and will blog about it soon with the final reveal waiting for July after the wedding. I have just the sash left to make. I am also making a sash for my sister’s dress, which she bought, and a dress for my little flower girl, my niece. My niece’s dress will be red like the sashes and the vests for all the tuxedo wearing people. We’ll be quite the gorgeous wedding party!

On to the non-wedding stuff!

This month I made several seconds, thirds, and fourths of things. There’s nothing better than making up a pattern that you’ve made several times before and know what to do. None of them are perfect in spite of the fact that I have made them all before. You would think I would have all the fitting issues worked out, but nope! Sometimes that is down to fabric differences, like in these cases, but often it’s just down to not getting the technique completely down, like in the case of my floral bomber jacket.

M7100 Floral Denim Bomber Jacket

I made this jacket at the beginning of May. There are a couple of issues with it. The fabric is heavier weight from my first version so it ends up being a little tighter than the previous version. I think I will be doing an FBA for future versions to have it fit a little better through the chest.


I also messed up the waistband….er….again. The instructions for this are pretty vague, though. It’s basically: “and then attach the waistband.” Not much direction for that meant that I fudged it up again. It’s not super noticeable to the non-sewist eye so I am not going to fuss over it.

I am pleased with the welt pockets, though!


I really love the jacket, though, and have been alternating between the two jackets all Spring. It was incredibly sunny and very humid during all these pictures. So enjoy the progression of me melting. LOL.

DSC_1077   DSC_1080  DSC_1085

Two Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte tops:

These tops have been cut out for a while, but I had fitting issues on my white one in the same cotton interlock fabric so I had been putting off making these two tops. After my post about what I need to fill wardrobe gaps, though, I immediately got to work on these two. I took some length out of the neckline in the front. The result is a much higher neckline, but a lot flatter and it sits better on my shoulders. The neckline also isn’t as curved as it is in the pattern. I am okay with that. I actually really like this style and have been enjoying wearing them. The resulting tweaks, however, make for a short top. I’ve made the changes in the pattern and will be lengthening future versions based on the changes. I think I may unpick the white version and cut the neckline in a similar fashion, as well, because this worked out quite well.

I also lucked out by having buttons in my stash that matched perfectly with the fabric!

DSC_1119 DSC_1115

Don’t you love when that happens?

DSC_1067 DSC_1076 DSC_1065

DSC_1094 DSC_1087 DSC_1088 DSC_1095


Long sleeve shirts plus leggings on a hot and humid day made me rather melty….

Purple M6696:

This dress has also been cut out for a while (since writing my Spring sewing plans). Other than switching out the pockets for the straight skirt version pockets, I made no adjustments from my nautical version to this version, but perhaps should have remembered to cut the waistband a little longer (by about an inch) and to pivot and shorten the bust darts. Oops. There are always a million future versions for these adjustments! Not much else to say about the dress. I love wearing it. I also tried a little different thing for the buttons and am not pleased with what I did! Oh well. I thought I was getting the horizontal buttonhole in the middle of the band, but sadly it’s a little too far over and too close to the edge of the band. If I had started at the bottom of the dress, I think I would have done the others differently, but I started at the top. I tried unpicking, but it looked horrible so I just went with it. It looks fine, but the buttonholes are dangerously close to the edge of the band. I don’t have any more fabric or I would just have cut a new button band and redone the whole thing. Oh well! There’s always a million future versions! The fabric for this is quilting cotton that I stole from my mother’s stash a few years ago. Check out my other three versions (including the skirt version).

DSC_1098 DSC_1099 DSC_1105 DSC_1108  DSC_1112 DSC_1114 DSC_1110

I need sunglasses. And a tan…. I’m brighter than the sun!


28 thoughts on “Second helpings

  1. Andie is always a busy bee!! I want to get on that floral bomber jacket train, but now it’s too hot for me to even think about it… I love everything you’ve made lately! And how cool to have buttons in your stash that perfectly match your Brontes! Waiting with baited breath to see your wedding dress reveal!

    1. Oh you definitely need a floral bomber jacket! 😀 😀 But…maybe wait until the fall to start sewing that. 😉

  2. Wow you have been busy. I love those Bronte tops. Not seen a bad one in sewing-land! Your floral bomber is excellent. No one will notice any tiny imperfections. I looks smashing to me. Louise

    1. Thanks, Kat! 😀 😀 It’s funny because I feel so unproductive this month since I’ve “just” been plugging away on my wedding dress. LOL

  3. What can I say I love the bomber jacket too 🙂 it’s something I wouldn’t wear but it looks gorgeous! Great brontes and the matching buttons are always a delight haha! Do you sewdream but somehow when you wake up your dreams have come true? I don’t know how you manage to sew so many things including a wedding dress!

    1. Thanks. 😀 I don’t sewdream, but that would be awesome. I follow a lot of the tips that Lauren posted last year on how she sews thing up so fast. I don’t pin a lot and I cut out a bunch of stuff at once so that I can sew through several projects before I have to cut fabric again. I also spend about 1-2 hours 3-4 nights per week sewing or working on projects. I get a little more time on the weekend and can sometimes spend 8 hours sewing. The other key is that I plan a lot out with projects and then cut stuff out. I like to have all the details worked out and a read-through of the instructions, too. It makes it go a lot faster when you know the process before you sew the fabric. 🙂 It also helps that my stepkids are teens and that my fiance is out most nights of the week. 😉

      Here is the link to Lauren’s post:

      1. Thanks for this Andie and the link to Lauren’s post, I guess planning ahead helps a lot and the dedicated sewing room is another plus. I remember how you had sorted your patterns with the fabric and thought at that time it was a brilliant idea. I also need to build a notions stash as I never have enough and I always need to stop & go to the shop haha! But I can’t definitely live without pinning, we will have serious problems then.

      2. I think it comes down to whatever works for you. 🙂 I definitely got a notions stash, too! There’s nothing that slows down a project more than having to run out for a button or zipper. :/

        A dedicated sewing space is definitely a plus, but not always something everyone can have. It’s increased my projects by having a separate room for that, but it’s tough, because we might need to get a roommate and then I will have to move into our bedroom. 😦

  4. Everything looks great! Stop being so hard on yourself and pointing out “mistakes.” No one notices them until you do. We sewists are so notorious for pointing things out, aren’t we? 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debbie! 😀 I will try to be less hard on myself. It’s definitely a habit I’ve had my entire life. I do the same with food I make….”This is good, but the spices aren’t right…” I’m not sure where I get that from, but I am definitely going to try to be less hard on myself. 🙂 🙂 Thanks!

  5. That bomber is adorable but that dress!!! Makes me so happy I bought that pattern at the last Fabricland sale. I keep seeing it and your purple one makes me want to make it sooooo bad!

    1. Glad you love it, Cathi! 😀 I’ve had that one planned out for a while and love wearing it. You’re going to love making that pattern. 🙂

  6. The welts turned out great on the jacket! It always feels like such a score to find nice printed denim! And buttons, like thread are absolutely something to buy en masse just for this reason of needing the perfect color and boom, you just happen to have it!
    I’m having one of those kind of months myself. My stash is going through a transition to getting some serious organization, and as I move stuff around, I keep coming up on pieces of this and that that I can’t bear to toss and also can’t stand having around any longer…so the boys have been getting a lot of sewing time of late.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. 🙂

      Organization is awesome! I definitely need some organization to my stash, but that won’t happen until after the wedding. My scraps are overflowing. :/ Nice that the boys have been getting sewing time! 🙂 Such a great skill to teach kids!

  7. You’ve been so productive, Andie! All this and the wedding dress? wow! I really love that floral jacket, I’ve never had a jacket in that style before but all the cute ones that i’m seeing in the blogosphere are really tempting me. Also the fact that it seems easier to make than a blazer style jacket! I definitely need a lightweight jacket in my life, though of course everyone i know in real life just wears their patagucci fleeces. That’s fine if I’m going hiking, but I want something cute too!

    1. You should definitely make a cute jacket like that! 🙂 I’ve had quite a few fleece jackets in the past, but I really like the bombers for an easier style jacket, but with a lot of interesting details. 🙂

  8. My goodness Andie!!
    This post is so full of sauce!!
    I love every one of your creations, at firts I thought none of the following will beat this floral bomber, but I was actually quite impressed with that dress, I love the fit and the color. The Brontes seem quite well finished too!!
    I’ve been intending to sew a Bronte, but I’ve just been busy sewing a lot of other stuff. Oh well…
    I made a bra, I was so thinking about you and your post on how to get the pattern from a rtw one!!! 🙂
    That one is in the process. 😉
    All the best with the wedding prep!
    Enjoy every moment of your day that day. Don’t worry if something didn’t work quite well, be happy!

    1. Thanks so much. ❤ ❤

      OOhh, I can't wait to see your bra. I have two planned out for June. I just get distracted by dresses so often. lol.

      Thanks for the advice! 🙂 I'm hearing that from a lot of people and taking it to heart. I plan on having fun and not worrying about things being perfect or not. 😀

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