Blue Crush: McCall’s 6754

You know those moments in sewing when you come across a pattern that you just know is going to be a winner? I love those moments.

McCall’s 6754 came out a while ago, but has been in my mind for a while. Enter a pattern sale and some lovely versions from Sewn by Ashley on Instagram and her blog. I also found an amazing striped version by Bobbins and Whimsy that I need in my life. Not to mention the countless other gorgeous versions out there.

Let’s just say the pattern went to the top of my list pretty quickly. I’ve also been feeling like I haven’t found my perfect knit dress pattern. I sewed a lot of Colette Monetas last year, but none of them have really been permanent fixtures in my wardrobe, except for maybe the gold spandex one, which I wear often on nights out. My issue with the dress is the clear elastic. After wearing it for a bit, I find the elastic irritating. It’s fine for a night out to see a show or dance in, but not for a full day sadly. I’ve thought of using different elastic for it, but overall I’ve realized I am just not a fan of the dress. Last year, it served as my gateway drug back into sewing, but this year my skills are better and I realize how many fit issues I have with that pattern. The neckline never quite fit me right and the armholes bunched at the top of the bust. I’ve also sewn the Colette Myrtle and the Bluegingerdoll Violet dress. Neither of them are my perfect knit dress. I like both of them and wear my versions often, but I haven’t had a desire to sew a bunch more of them. Although, Mary’s recent Myrtle dresses make me want more! I have to go hunting for a lovely drapey rayon knit similar to my recent comfy womfy dress.

My favourite styles of knit dresses are always ones with two things: princess seams and circle skirts.

I own/owned a bunch of Modcloth dresses like this:


I have it in a mint and coral colourway. I used to have it in purple, but sadly I did the typical Andie thing and stained it horribly. There are raglan sleeves there, princess seams, and the skirt is a circle skirt. It’s perfect. I am not a fan of the waistband, though. I have belts for that.

The only thing is that I don’t wear them that often to work, because that v dips quite low.If I wear them to work, I usually button up a cardigan and toss on a scarf to keep the cleavage under wraps.

Outside of work, I could not care less. Cleavage is a wonderful thing!

M6754 was destined to be a favourite knit pattern. In view D, the dress has raglan sleeves, princess seams, and a circle skirt. In view B, the dress has no sleeve, bust darts, and a circle skirt. Both view B and D for the dress have a great shape to them and are perfect for what I wanted in a knit dress. The pattern also calls for elastic at the waist. I am not entirely sure that I will make view A or C, the peplum tops, but you never know.

My main issue with Big 4 knit patterns, however, is the amount of ease in them. I haven’t come across one that uses negative ease yet. Size down. Waaaay down.

I have a muslin of view D in the works, like I had planned out, but I set it aside for the moment due to fit issues and chose to make view B instead. Lately, I haven’t been able to stick to my plans. It’s completely outside my norm. I usually sew according to a plan and occasionally sew outside of that with pattern testing or other things that come around. Overall, though, the plan is what guides me. Not lately. I’ve decided to not really plan out my fall sewing because of that. I will be taking part in FESA again this year, but I will categorize my sewing projects as I go (this being a fabulous frock!) and won’t be doing a planning post. I still find it useful to do an end of season round up.

View B turned out lovely. The dress is a really fast sew and goes together well. I made the size XL. My measurements are pretty far outside what this size calls for. XL bust ranges from 42-44 inches, but my bust is 50 inches. You’ll have to do a bit of thinking when choosing your size. I chose my size based on my high bust measurement and the fact that view D in XXL ended up pretty large.

The fabric for the dress is a polyester quilted knit. It’s a heavier weight fabric and great for the transition weather we are going through. Some days it’s fall weather here and other days it’s summer weather. I chose to make the sleeveless version because of the unpredictable weather. I sewed the whole thing on my serger except for topstitching the bands, which was done on my machine. I finished the hem by serging it.



The pattern doesn’t call for bands for the neck or arms, but it’s my preference to have these rather than not. Unfortunately, the fabric doesn’t really have great recovery and the bands got stretched out from sewing them, ripping them out, shortening them, and then sewing them again. I’m just not willing to rip them out again. They mostly sit flat except at the back and a little at the front above my cleavage. Oh well!

DSC_1369 DSC_1370

Here are the insides. They look pretty good. For my next version, I will need to raise the neckline and do a narrow shoulder adjustment. I had to get rid of a couple of inches from the top of the shoulder. The straps fall down and that means I will have to do some other adjustments.

Enough about the pattern, here are pictures! One features my recent Jenna Cardi in white.

DSC_1368 DSC_1358 DSC_1355 DSC_1351 DSC_1345 DSC_1347

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: M6754
  • Pros: Super fast pattern. Great shape and style.
  • Cons: Runs really large. No negative ease whatsoever! Size down significantly. Star lost for this reason only.
  • Make again?: Definitely. Possibly make far too many!
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdwhite-star-black-md4/5 stars

DSC_1378 (2)


30 thoughts on “Blue Crush: McCall’s 6754

  1. Looks great! I love the quilted knit. The Big 4 resistance to negative ease is so weird–their approach to knit sizing is really my biggest complaint about Big 4 patterns. It’s easy enough to work around once you have some experience under your belt, but it is one of those things that makes them seem a little out of touch.

    1. Thanks!
      It’s my biggest complaint, too. I don’t have a lot of problems with the Big 4 otherwise. I sew with them a lot but their knit ease will never make sense to me!

  2. I’d seen your sneak peeks on IG, but I will say it here: I love this on you! Both the color and the style of dress look great on you.

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! 🙂 It’s all due to my husband wanting to see me in this colour. He’s got a great eye for what looks good on me. 🙂

  3. Girl. GIRL! This dress looks incredible on you. That low scoop neckline is seriously perfection on you, and really brings out your face! And I love a good plunge in the back. DEFINITELY make more!

    Oh and I totally feel you on the Moneta. I loved it at first, but then started realizing the neckline/sleeves/armscye was actually all wrong on me. It helped to size down in the shoulders, but it’s still not my favorite pattern anymore.

    1. Thanks, Nicole! 🙂 🙂 I have about a million versions planned. 😉

      I liked the sleeveless versions I have of the Moneta, but even those have a ton of gaping at the neckline and don’t quite fit me right in the shoulder. I just tossed my pdf pattern. I don’t plan on making it again ever.

  4. I love everything about this dress! The color and paired with cardi and your complexion are killer! I’m glad you found what you’ve been looking for. I’ve never sewn a big 4 knit dress pattern, so if I ever do, I guess I will know that they run large! The mccall leggings I made also were large, so I wonder if all of the knits have a huge amount of ease.

    1. Thanks so much, Tanya! 🙂 All of BMV’s knit patterns have a crazy amount of ease that I’ve dealt with. I’ve never worked with a Simplicity knit pattern. Burda knit patterns are a lot better with understanding negative ease in knits.

  5. Love this! The fabric, the color, the details!!! Great make Andie! My experience with Big 4 has also been that the knit patterns run huge. I had to take 12 inches out of a t-shirt pattern at the hips, that was supposed to be a size too small for me!

    1. Thanks so much, Alicia! 🙂

      12 inches?! That’s nuts. On the other hand, yeay for it being in your size and several sizes above… in spite of the pattern. 😀

  6. What a pretty fabric Andie! The back scoop is really lovely too, and the whole dress pairs perfectly with your Jenna! I hope you get the adjustments figured out because this looks like a great pattern for you. I’m with you on the absurd ease of Big 4. It’s so hard to try and discern what they’re thinking. I did come across a Vogue pattern ONCE that was pretty slim fitting, but then, I had just had a baby and probably wasn’t being realistic/honest about what size I really *needed* to cut…also, it was a wrap top, a silhouette eternally cursed for my body.

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