Desert Sunset Bra

Do you remember long ago I asked for a name for this bra? Nicole came up with Desert Sunset.


I cut out the bra back in August and then it sat around for quite a while….

I made some modifications from the last bra: increased the lower cup, moved the apex slightly to match my apex (edit: up and to the centre).

What results is the best fit yet for my cloned bras. I really love this pattern and am excited to see the fit improve with each adjustment.

I’m going to do something I’ve never done before and show you how it fit after I made it. I didn’t put the bows on it yet in this picture.


The bridge sits nice and flat against my chest, the cups are perfect, and the band is perfect. After wearing it for a day, the bridge does come out about 1 cm from my chest. May be due to the fabric stretching out as I wear it.

For the next one, I want to add a little more to the power bar on the side to push them a little further to the front as I have a bit of splaying to the side. Doesn’t bother me, though, since you can’t tell the difference when I am wearing a shirt.

20160127_211008.jpg 20160127_211237.jpg

I find photographing my bras to be weird, because of that stretch lace upper cup and the fact the cups are so large. Inflated vs. deflated balloon. Ha! It’s also kind of why I wanted to show you how it looks on me. You get a better idea of the fit.


Here is the inside of the bra.

Instead of using the band elastic from my BMS findings kit (material links below), I chose to use 5/8 strap/waistband elastic. It’s a firmer elastic and less stretchy. It made the band an even better fit due to the lower stretch. The main reason for the switch was because the band elastic was rolling after a couple of hours of wear. Now, there is only rolling at the end of the second day of wear.

I made so many mistakes when making this bra. Ripping out stitched from duoplex, stretch mesh/lace, and lingerie elastic is basically a horror movie. The fabric gets torn apart so easily. Some mistakes I just left because the bra itself was secure.

20160127_211129.jpg 20160127_211141.jpg

My machine is seriously hating attaching the hook and eyes lately… I’ll get there and figure out the trick of not having my machine break five needles at that point and the hook and eye not moving about so much… I’ve been looking at tips and tutorials left and right for that. I just got so frustrated with all the mistakes and ripping out previously that I kind of just shrugged my shoulders at this point and said that is good enough. I’m not changing it now, but going forward… I really hope that area doesn’t look that shitty. I was getting better and then this…. UGH.


I added some florescent orange bows to the bra. Originally, I want to overlay the power bar in a florescent orange lace, but affixing it to the fabric turned into a nightmare and I decided to leave it off.

I’m not sure why, but this bra makes me want a Sunset Margarita:


Which fits in great with January’s Monthly Stitch Challenge! Originally, I was going to make a Mint skirt and top ensemble and site my drinkspiration as a mint milkshake…..but that never happened with all this bra making. But I kept thinking about Sunset Margaritas and it fit in well. They are so tasty.

Desert Sunset Materials:

Lilac large findings kit (KF-34) from Bra Maker’s Supply

Fuchsia duoplex (FJ-6) from Bra Maker’s Supply

5/8 inch black strap and waistband elastic from Porcelynne

Lilac and fuchsia lace from Arte Crafts

Black Powernet (FP-1) from Bra Maker’s Supply

Black Stretch Mesh (FP-7) from Bra Maker’s Supply

Florescent ribbon from stash

Up Next:

I have another cloned bra about halfway done along with my second Maya bra. I’ll be posting my Maya bra review on the Curvy Sewing Collective for Lingerie Month in February. I will also post my review here as well. I’ll be modelling the bra again (!) to show you how each one changes with fit. Check out the beautiful materials I am working with for my next few bras:

20160123_205255 Blush bra kit


Speaking of materials, Megan and I have some bra making materials tips and shopping lists that will be posted on CSC next week to help you start your bra making journey. I’ll be listing all the materials from the above and talking about large busted material tips. Keep your eye out for that!


19 thoughts on “Desert Sunset Bra

  1. I appreciate you sharing the photo of the fit, though I’m not sure I will be as brave ;). Thats annoying about the hooks and eyes, i wish I had some helpful tips. I sew mine on with a zig-zag satin type stitch over the edge of the hook and eye, but I don’t really think that will change much if your machine is unhappy about the bulk. ugh. annoying. Anyways, this is lovely!! I need to incorporate more lace in my bras I think. I wear a lot of knits, which has made me hesitant, but I’m thinking of maybe adding some to the bottom along the underwire, so that it won’t show through. Excited for lingerie month, its been fun to collaborate with you!! Yay!

    1. I think I just need to get it serviced, but I have no idea where to do that in the city since it is computerized. It would probably cost a lot, too.

      I never see the lace under my knits. I choose lace that doesn’t have a lot of texture, though, and it’s stretched so it’s even.

      I think I would have shown pictures before but it the bras were a itsy bit see-through in the apex… 😉

      I’m excited for lingerie month, too!! 😀 😀

  2. Thank you for being brave enough to show off the finished garment! It’s really impossible to tell anything about lingerie’s fit otherwise, yet it’s a rare blogger who does it. Looks terrific!

    1. Thanks, Annie! It’s a tough thing to do. I’ve wanted to show it off in the past, but the bras I made before were a little see-through at the apex. Since moving the apex up, it’s works a lot better for showing it off without showing it all. I hope to provide more headless photos in the future! 😉

  3. The red/blue will look fabulous! I saw similar nautical set in France but didn’t have the euros for it. I admire the construction that goes into lingerie making. These look great, especially the little details like the lace and bows.

  4. Hi! I think that your desert sunset bra is so beautiful and it fits you really well! I’m impressed! Not all machines can handle the heavy, stretch fabrics. You may, if you’ve not already tried this, try lengthening your stitch. In the past, when I attached the hooks and eyes, I used a coverlock type of stitch that sews the zig zag and then the straight stitch of it holds it more secure. It’s an edge stitch which can be used to keep fabrics from fraying on the edges. It worked well – maybe too well! LOL! Thank you so much for posting. This bra of yours really inspires me and since I live in the desert too, it makes me think of our desert sunsets that can be so awe inspiring! Kathy from Arizona

    1. Thanks so much, Kathy! 🙂 Your desert sunsets are very inspiring. ❤

      I will try lengthening my stitch. for the next one. My machine used to be able to do it. Maybe it just needs a cleaning and to be serviced. I don't understand. I'm also going to try a new needle anytime I get to that part. I'm not sure why my machine hates them now! I'll see if my machine has a similar stitch to that. Thanks for all the tips! 😀

      1. Dear Andie, Hi! I think a good servicing of the machine would be a good place to start; however, I know that can be quite costly depending upon your machine and brand. Do you clean your machine often? Sometimes it’s just a matter of old grease/oil buildup and lint and other stuff in the bobbin’s hook race section. I would use a new needle for every project and for that section. Overcast stitch – that’s the term I was searching for. What is the make, model and year of your sewing machine? For my Janome MC 10001 it costs over $100.00 just to do a servicing/maintenance/cleaning. The man lives in a city almost 100 miles one way from here, but he does a really great job and works fast, but the cost…..sheesh. High for us plus the travel and wear and tear on our old car – sigh.

        I’ve just basted the pattern I made. It looks like I need to add about 1/2″ to the outer under the arm section and about the same to the bottom cup sections when I go to make the paper pattern from my cloth “pattern”.

        I’m in favor of eventually making a chartreuse or bright neon/lime green bra eventually for a “regular” lace bra similar to yours kind of, but with the GEM bra “clone pattern”. For the first one I would like to make the Miranda bra clone. I have the materials, but due to our recent house cleaning/furniture re-arranging nightmares those patterns and materials have gone out to the shed. Grr. I have to continue cleaning before we can bring MORE boxes out from the shed and hopefully the boxes with those materials in it.

        Let me know what your machine make, model and year is. Maybe I can help? Not sure but I sure would like to try.

        Thank you,

  5. Hmm not sure how to send you the picture of the Miranda bra as the attach picture thing has gone away??? Thanks Kathy

    1. I have a computerized Brother machine SQ9050. I think it’s probably really expensive to service and I might be in better shape just getting a new one eventually. 😦 I’ll clean it out and do some servicing myself to see if I can diagnose the problem.

      I don’t think you can attach a picture to comments here in WordPress. I think that’s a Disqus comment feature. 😦 If you want to send it to me, contact me through the “contact” page above and we can chat through email. 🙂

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