Honeymoon Wardrobe Planning

I haven’t done a planning post in a while, because lately my plans have gone awry. The last time I planned was in my Sewing Blahs post and even with three things I didn’t achieve them at all. I made a M6754, but it wasn’t even the one I planned at all because of raglan sleeve issues that I was too lazy to resolve. I used to love planning posts. I’d like to bring them back! Maybe not one a season, though. That got kind of nutty for me.

Our honeymoon is a week in Amsterdam followed by a cruise in the Baltic Sea with several stops. There will be some pretty weather, but it will be Spring, there will be a possibility of rain, and the temperature will range anywhere from 1 degree to 20 degrees Celsius depending on the location. I’ve never been so all this information is from research I did on the region.

I have some plans based on the length of the trip, weather, durability/wear (ie. can survive a couple of wears without being laundered), and what will survive in a suitcase. I have a few months to get it all done.


Waffle Patterns’ Pepernoot hooded coat


Appropriately, my first plan is for a pattern straight out of Amsterdam! Waffle Patterns is based in Amsterdam and founded by Yuki. I found out about the pattern because of the GOMI crafting forum (darn enablers there! ❤ ) and found out that there is a sewalong starting on March 7 on Rhonda’s Creative Life. Sewalong plus a bunch of people raving about how adorable and wonderful the pattern is….equals Andie saying, “YES AND!” (improv reference there).

I’m going to make this a lighter weight coat and use flannel for the exterior instead of wool. The dilemma is what flannel!

I have two in my stash that I would love to use:

20160204_162344.jpg 20160204_162334.jpg

A black and red buffalo plaid that was originally a sheet, but has a crisper feel to it and isn’t super soft. Good for a coat with structure and design like that fine thang above. The other choice is a pink brushed cotton plaid that I’ve had in my stash for over a year now.

With either choice, I want to line the coat with a poly satin. For the buffalo plaid, I would line it with royal blue polka dots or some other neat print. For the pink plaid, I would line it with a mint, teal, or aqua satin.

Faux fur is an option for either for the hood, but I am not sure about it. I want to add some contrast options for the pockets, yoke, and tabs to bring out the pattern details.

What I decide on for the final fabric will have a lot to do with the alterations and fabric needs. I need to grade the pattern up two sizes and do an FBA. So: muslin, muslin, muslin.


Style Arc Misty Jeans!


I was going to attempt another pants pattern, but why bother with that when I will be working on a complicated coat pattern! Screw that!

I’m just going to make a bunch of Misty Jeans. I will probably make a waistband for them to insert the elastic into instead of having it against my skin. And I will do the adjustments I talked about in my post.

Here are the fabrics I have so far! All stretch denims.


I also want to make another pair in a stretch corduroy and then there are other possibilities I am looking at for different fabrics. I’d like to have five pairs ready for the trip. Since my other pair took very little time to make, I think I can get five done easily.


I seriously need lots of tops in my wardrobe. Seriously.

Style Arc Skye Top


This top will be perfect to wear untucked with skirts. I already have a possibly wearable muslin for this, but I think the pattern drafting might have an error in it. I need to email Style Arc after I measure the pattern and I’m going to try printing out the size larger. My first version won’t quite look like the pattern since I had to add in a panel at the front and some fun pleating to accommodate the issue. I’ll update you on that! The one I have cut out already is a mint satin, but I also want to make a pink lace one (I’ll wear a camisole underneath):


Style Arc Eva Knit Top


Style Arc Cate’s Cousin Top


For both of these knit tops, I have quite a few candidates for fabric. All solids and all rayon poly spandex blends in the following colours: the extra black fabric from my niece’s Violet dress, magenta, royal blue, and red. I’d also like to pick up a green colour, if I can find it. Green is hard to find!

I also have a plan of refashioning an orange Colette Moneta dress that just didn’t work out. The fabric is a thick sweater knit. I am going to use regular round neck with the shoulder yoke and make it into a sweater using a tutorial on the Muse Patterns blog. There is more than enough fabric in the skirt of the dress to make a sweater for the trip. Hip length or waist length depends on my fabric, but I think I can get a hip length sweater out of it, since I can cut the neckbands, yoke, and cuffs from the top of the dress. Probably go with full length sleeves, as well. I think that skirt is three yards of fabric. It’s ridiculous.


Three’s a Charm Jacket

charm jacket

I think this pattern has the possibility of becoming a favourite of mine, especially after seeing Tanya’s and Meg’s versions. They are both just lovely. I’m not sure what fabric I will be using left. I will need to make a muslin since I will be doing a large bicep adjustment and an FBA.

Here are a bunch of fabrics that I want to be blazers and might become this jacket!

20160104_203401.jpg 20160204_163137.jpg

Other than the above, I have a ton of solid colours that photograph horribly! I have pink, purple, blue, black, grey, etc. etc. I got a ton of suiting fabric at my local thrift store over the past year and want to make a ton of suits. With this jacket and the lower fabric requirements, I could likely get a skirt out of most of the fabric, too.

Jenna cardi


My beloved TNT Jenna cardi now has an expansion pack for v-neck and peter pan collar. I will be making a v-neck in a gorgeous blue merino I got as part of the Muse Loves Merino contest!


Style Arc Candice skirt


I have a lovely poly crepe back satin in black and white floral planned for this:


I’m not sure I will sew the pleats down as far as the pattern suggests. I fear the impact of sewn pleats after a tasty meal of cheese in Amsterdam.

Snapdragon skirts


I kind of feel like I am cheating with this one since I’ve had both of these skirts cut out since before Christmas and they are just sitting around as UFOs…. View C.

Here are the fabrics:


A heavy wool fabric in red and black and a lighter weight suiting fabric in white with pastels throughout. The white one will be lined with bemberg lining since it is a loose weave fabric. I *might* have enough of the fabric for a Three’s a Charm jacket…. Maybe with a shorter sleeve… or maybe just a vest… Hmm….

Cake Pavlova Skirt


I’ve made this a few times before and continue to love it. I will be making this in a lightweight suiting in white and black:


I also have a blue poly fabric (there is some stretch to the fabric). I didn’t take a picture of it since it is just a solid colour and, to be honest, I couldn’t get the colour right in the picture. You’ll just have to wait to see it.

That makes for a total of five different skirts with varying weights depending on the weather! I will also bring along my green Pavlova skirt, because I wear it all the time, and another couple of skirts.


More bras!


The plan is to make a few more bras so I don’t need to worry about washing them. Since I am working on my Maya bra pattern and perfecting that, I will likely bring a couple of those. But my cloned bra pattern is definitely coming with. Although, I’ll be making some modifications to the pattern soon. Goal is to have 8 wearable bras by the time I leave. I’ve got two so far: Desert Sunset and Sailor Mercury. I’m also working on the Garden bra and Naughty Nautical Maya Bra, the sequel: Even more Naughty and Nautical (long name for a bra, but damn it makes me laugh… I figure if I am doing a crazy thing like naming bras I can have a blast doing it!). I am sure I can get four more done, if not more….right? I’m a fast sewer.

Here are a few of my plans for fabric combos:

wpid-wp-1437655776300.jpeg wpid-wp-1437655789377.jpeg

You may remember these got names already. On the left we have Black Raspberry and on the right we have Ruby.

Blush bra kit

This is a bra tulle kit from Emerald Studio. I will likely be copying Erin’s Parisian bra with this one, because I am a copy cat. Mine will be lined with sheer nylon cup lining. So….what to name my copy…. Tianducheng bra since it is a copy of a Parisian bra…? I kind of like it, but at the same time the town is abandoned… I don’t want to abandon this bra! Oh wait…. maybe on my honeymoon…I do. Hehehhe. *chortle*

I also want to use these duoplex/lace combinations in the future:

20160204_164350.jpg 20160204_164424.jpg

I have plans for some all lace ones with sheer cup lining for support:

20160204_164059.jpg 20160204_164550.jpg

20160104_203502.jpg 20160104_203448.jpg

The above two poly stretch sateens will be Maya bras and maybe the leftovers from my apple dress (which is still sitting in my UFO basket):


Then I can say, how do you like them apples?! Hahahah! *zing*

Barrie Briefs


So…..I cut these out a month ago to make a wearable muslin and then…. bra sewing. I’d like to work out a good fit and then sew them in a bunch of colours using my scraps from the knit tops above as well as some lovely hot pink spandex Alicia sent me as a wedding gift. I will be using lace on the top band instead of fabric. I also have ideas for a couple of lace ones. Plan is to sew a bunch until I run out of fabric.

20160204_164550.jpg 20160204_164652.jpg

Et. Al.

Wolf and the Tree Going Rogue Sock Pattern


I’m excited to try this pattern out and want to get a review on the Curvy Sewing Collective for it. I adore thigh high and knee high socks but can never find them in my size. This pattern goes up to 33 inches for thigh and 20.75 inches for calf! But wait there’s more! You can also make the foot size in your shoe size too! I am just starting with my first pair this weekend and can’t wait to see the results! These will be great to wear with skirts while I am on the trip.

I have visions of a lacy pair using ivory lace with a mint lace trim:


I have a busy few months before the honeymoon! I’ve never been anywhere in Europe or ever had my passport stamped! I’ve been to a few places in the US and quite a few across Canada, but no where else. I’ve been on a plane, though, but never that long of a flight. I’m ridiculously excited for this.

Has anyone ever been to Amsterdam? What do you recommend I do? I want to visit at least one fabric shop! I plan on heading to Kantje Boord, a shop with lingerie fabrics. Of course. 😉


24 thoughts on “Honeymoon Wardrobe Planning

  1. You are so ambitious. I can’t believe it. I am quite excited about the the threes a charm jacket too. I probably won’t get to it until next month.The Misty Jeans remind me of my Jalie Eleanors – I think I am on my 5th pair. Elastic waist pants? YES!

    1. Ambitious for sure! Haha! I love the comfort of the Misty Jeans. I bet the Jalie ones are awesome! No wonder I hated jeans for years and years! It was because I wasn’t wearing an elastic waist. 😉

  2. You don’t say what month you are going, but whenever I go to the Netherlands (and it isn’t often enough) I take a good rain jacket, a polar fleece layer, or other warm layer and merino camisoles.While it depends on the weather forecast, ultimately, I have always found that if I am prepared for the cool/cold winds and rain that can come in off the ocean, then even if I have to stand in a line up outdoors, I am comfortable. Last Spring we had great weather, but the nights were cool. The time before that, I was there in July and nearly froze in an Amsterdam monsoon because I wore cotton and my rain coat was “water resistant”. Lesson learned. Layers are key. Rain gear is essential. Check the forecast before you go. And have a FABULOUS time!! You wil love it!!!

    1. We’ll be there for the tulip festival. 😀 😀 I’m so excited. Don’t worry. I’m definitely thinking of layers and rain gear. I lived on the East Coast of Canada for ten years and know what the ocean can do to the weather and how wet you can get on a day that was gorgeous two seconds ago. 😉 I’m so excited! 😀

  3. Ooh! Jenna expansion pack! And those socks look cool. I’d love to see how they turn out.

    Advice for packing for different temps: plan to layer so you’re not carting around a huge suitcase.

    I love Amsterdam. I was only there for 2 days, but… Take a canal tour — it’s a great introduction. Anne Frank House. Go. Buy your tickets ahead of time to avoid the line. I also recommend doing a bike tour. I did the Mike’s Bike countryside tour: we got to see a windmill (from the outside), then we went to a farm where they make cheese and showed us how to make wooden clogs. They also do a city tour which is shorter. Vondelpark. The flower market. I loved the Rijksmuseum.

    1. Layers are my life! 😀 😀

      Oooh, a canal tour! Anne Frank house is on my list of things and a couple of museums. We’ll be there for the tulip festival so I we’ll have tons of fun stuff to see and do! Cheeeese! I neeeds it. ❤ ❤

  4. Wow! Great sewing plans! I’m Dutch and have visited Amsterdam many times. For fabric shops try out the Albert Cuyp street, there are a lot of shops there. The nine streets (de9straatjes.nl/en/home) are great for quirky little shops, bakeries and window shopping. The cities of Leiden (my home town) and Delft are within an hour by train for Amsterdam and are true little gems. And in Amsterdam: go on a canal boat tour: cheesy but amazing views!

    Have a wonderful time! And if you are going in april: april 27th is our Kingsday and a huge celebration!

    1. We’ll be there for Kingsday! 🙂 Thanks for all the tips! I definitely want to try all those things and can’t wait to celebrate Kingsday! 😀

  5. Oh my gosh what an amazing sounding adventure!! So exciting!! When will you be over there?

    I love all of your plans too – so much fun! 🙂

    My vote is for the pinker fabric with smaller checks for the Pepernoot coat. (I have that one in my sewing queue too 😉

    Really looking forward to hearing how you find that socks pattern – I just found out about them yesterday and am very tempted to try them out for our winter time….

    1. We’re there for the tulip festival. 🙂 I am so excited. I just booked the hotel!

      I’m leaning toward the pink, I think, but it really depends on fabric requirements… I think I have enough of the pink if I use a contrasting colour for certain things. I may pair it with some of the wool suiting pictured in my Three’s a Charm jacket section.

      Probably sewing a pair of the socks up this weekend! 😀

  6. Phew, that’s a lot of plans! I love it! I like the bigger buffallo plaid for the coat, but I dunno, maybe the smaller print is more your style? (The big print is for sure mine! I have some like that destined to be pyjamas but maybe they will be something else…). I also bought Three’s a Charm and am looking forward to making it up. I have a bunch of wool suitings given to me by a destashing friend, but all in odd lengths, I might JUST get a skirt suit out of some of them!

    And now I’m contemplating that style arc skirt… I should just draft it myself but… they’ve done all the work for me! A friend has a skirt just like that and I’ve been meaning to copy it for about four years.

    I can’t wait to see all the things you make! And how exciting about the your honeymoon plans! Wonderful!

    1. All the plans!!! 😀 I love both fabrics for the Pepernoot coat. I am leaning more toward the pink, but kind of also want the red. We’ll see! I can always make the other when I come back! 😉

      I can’t wait to see your Three’s a Charm jacket/skirt combos. 😀 We’ll be twins!

      The Style Arc skirt is so pretty. I also could have totally made it, but I hate doing pleat calculations. If it were gathers, sure, but pleats….nooooo. #tantrum 😉

  7. I hadn’t seen the Pepernoot coat (haha, so fun to say), and dude, I LOVE IT. I already have three coats planned for next winter (Clare, Pavot, and Cascade Duffle Coat). And now I want to make a fourth! AND IT’S NOT EVEN REALLY COLD IN TEXAS. We haven’t even made it below freezing a single time this winter! I really love the red plaid for the coat. I think it would look super classic, cool, and timeless!

    The Eva top is really pretty too! It reminds me of the Camas Blouse, which has been on my to-make list for forever.

    And holy crap, you have SO MUCH pretty lace and lingerie fabric! Can’t wait to see everything made up. Very jealous of your kit from Emerald Erin. I just learned about her on Gillian’s blog and fell in love with her entire shop.

    1. It is fun to say Pepernoot! Turns out it’s also a cookie. Mmmmm cookies. I definitely think my fabric choice will be last minute. I want both! I don’t have time or the room in my luggage for both, but I want it.

      I love the Camas blouse, too!

      I may also have some lace on its way….. I’m hoarding lingerie supplies like crazy.

      I highly recommend Erin’s products. They are really great. I’m going to order a swimsuit kit (or two) from her eventually, as well. 🙂

  8. I like the pink for the coat, but that is just me. I can’t wait to see how these socks turn out.

    You are going to have an awesome honeymoon. I can see tulips for days in the IG feed.

  9. Yay! Honeymoon planning!! ❤ I am so envious of your fabrics — especially all the laces! I definitely need to check out some of those patterns you've listed. I can't wait to see everything you're making and all of the pics from your trip. For your pepernot jacket — I'd probably pick the color that went with what I'd be wearing. So fun and so exciting!!!

  10. You go, Andie! Even if you don’t get it all done, I’m sure you’ll still have some fun new stuff! I have never been to that part of Europe, so I look forward to seeing photos ;). 8 bras though? thats just insane!! haha

    1. Well, technically only 4 more after I do the finishing touches on the two bras I am making right now (as long as the Maya bra fits this time…). I just want 8 in total to bring. 😀

      It’d be awesome if I do get it all done! I’m stubborn enough that I can. 😉 Also, I did make 18 things for gift in a couple of months. I think I can do…. let me count this up…. 21 (not counting duplicates) plus as many Barrie Briefs as I can make and the socks…. It’s nothing. ;P

  11. I have a 22″ calf and I buy OTK socks from the plus section of sockdreams.com. Love them!

    I’m looking forward to seeing all of the things you sew for your trip 🙂

    1. I’ve ordered from Sock Dreams before, too. They are great. 🙂 It’s kind of expensive to ship to Canada, though. 😦

      I can’t wait to sew them all. 😀

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