Garden Bra

Yep, more lingerie. I am not sorry for this! I love it! That being said, I will have a v-neck Jenna cardi and a Jenna top to share with you soon.


This is my latest cloned bra, the Garden bra.

Why the Garden bra?


I have an entire garden of little flowers sewn to the bridge and some lovely floral lace.

For this version, I added some to the power bar. Big mistake. I thought this might help with lift and push the girls forward, but it didn’t sadly. The good thing is that I still have my previous pattern pieces and can go back.


It’s a little bit of a frumpier look with the girls going a bit more sideways. There is very little vertical stretch in the lace, too, which causes that horizontal line to look a little bit wonky. I look fine wearing this under a dress, though:


I probably would have been better off to line the power bar with a sheer cup lining for extra support. For now, though, I am moving forward. I recently had to retire a different Elomi bra from the rotation and decided to clone it, because I am having trouble parting with it. The upper cup is split into two pieces with the top half in non-stretch sheer cup lining. Since I want to copy Erin’s Parisian bra, I will be using this pattern and putting the gathered bra tulle into the upper cup. I’ve made a “test” version in sheer cup lining and navy lace and will be sewing that up before CSC lingerie month is up.

Then I am taking a break from sewing bras, because that will make 7 bras this year… I do want to sew a couple more before the honeymoon, though, but those can wait. I’ve got my pepernoot coat to work on. I’m almost done the flat pattern adjustments and ready for the muslin! There were a lot of pattern pieces to adjust.

I’m happy to announce that the hook and eye installation went so much better for this version after all the feedback I got before. I cleaned out my machine. There was an entire dust bunny in there! I put on a new needle before sewing this part. I’m using a zigzag stitch now and it looks great.


I made another bra after that (my third Maya bra) and it went even better. The strap elastic also went on better there and I got much better in the Maya bra (review for that will be posted on the Curvy Sewing Collective this week) as well. I’m feeling pretty confident after all this crazy bra sewing.


Of course, no bra of mine is complete without at least one sewing error. Look at that wonky shit on the power bar above the lace. Hahaha. Oh my!


How weird do these bras look hanging on a hanger? My band can’t even close because it’s so much smaller than my cup and the wire is huge in comparison, but somehow this thing looks just fine and is comfortable as a pillow on.



12 thoughts on “Garden Bra

      1. Oh, my first bra sucks! I have a post scheduled tomorrow where I’ll be talking about it. I’m just happy to have learned some fundamentals so I can another one that I like!

      2. I’m glad you aren’t discouraged! 😃 My first few bras sucked. Lol. It’s all part of the process. 😉

  1. I sure admire your ability to share your bra making experiences. I am going to start my first attempt very soon. I have the notions and fabric. I just won’t pay the high cost of patterns when the fit is so “iffy”. My goal is to figure out how to get the girls in from the sides and pointing out not down. Our size makes this very difficult. I am taking my favorite RTW bra completely apart to use for a pattern start. I want a wide band and to fasten in the front. I wish good luck to all of us.

    1. Thanks, Carol! I definitely think it was easier for me to clone a RTW bra versus the steep fitting curve of a bra pattern. I just made the Maya bra. Still don’t have a good fit in it, but at least the pattern was free instead of $15-$20.

      Good luck to you, too! Front closure is something I am considering for future bras, but I am unsure since my bridge is so narrow already. But it would be amazing considering my mobility issues are making it difficult to put on bras now. 😦 Let me know how you adapted it to close in the front. I’d be very interested. 😀

  2. Looks pretty, and I’m glad it is wearable!! Next time I try to fit a new pattern, will you please remind me that two bra patterns that fit is enough 😉 ? Except I do want one with a partial band… and how will I use those french wires… haha! Nevermind!

    1. Thanks so much, Megan. 🙂 Hahah, we’ll forever be playing with patterns and new techniques. I’m not sure I can stop myself! 😉

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