Style Arc’s Eva Top

Hot on the heels of my latest Cate’s Cousin top, I bring you… my Eva top…. *sad trumpet sounds*


And I hate it.

A lot of my opinion is coloured by the fact that I am not a fan of how this top looks on me. I will say, though, there are some strange issues with drafting….


The Eva top is meant to have “soft” gathering at the bust…. Mine….. does not. The neckband was way too long for the neck piece and the gathering just softly disappeared… Other than that, just like my Cate’s Cousin top, this is way too short. It’s also quite a bit tighter than the other top. Slim fit, I guess.

It wasn’t easy to make. I had a horrible time with the “gathers” that didn’t work and the neckband. It just didn’t want to lay flat and when it came to the bottom piece… well….ugh….

I will still wear it, though, because it’s pink and I need more pink in my life… I got it looking okay, too. It will be fine tucked into skirts and the length won’t bother me too much then…

I won’t make it again, though.

Here it is… I managed a smile for a couple of the pictures…. I like the pictures…actually. It doesn’t look horrible on me and damn hot pink is my colour, but… I’m not a fan at all. I miss those soft gathers that should have happened… You can see the pulling at the bottom of the neckband, too, from the difficulty I had putting that on…

DSC_1602 DSC_1601

DSC_1606  DSC_1604 DSC_1603

Pictured again with my Style Arc Misty Jeans. 😀 I’ll be wearing the top with skirts from now on, though. It looks good like that. I didn’t take a picture of that, though. I will be sure to do that when I finish a skirt.

Also, I keep forgetting to mention which size I make. With Style Arc, I always start with a size 24.

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Eva Top
  • Pros: I like the fabric I used…. Haha. Other than the neckband/gathering issue and not being long enough, the top doesn’t have a drafting issue. I gave it half points for the rest of the elements, but seriously docked it for losing the main point of the top… it’s gorgeous gathering…but that neckband is way too long for it to work. If I were to make it again, I would significantly shorten it as well as do an FBA, but I don’t want to even bother.
  • Cons: Where oh where have my gathers gone? Where oh where did they go? (see above….)
  • Make again?: NOPE!
  • Rating: pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdhalf-star-black-mdwhite-star-black-mdwhite-star-black-md2.5/5 stars

34 thoughts on “Style Arc’s Eva Top

    1. It does suck. I am wearing it tucked into a skirt right now, though. It’s okay. I just don’t love it. The colour is great though. 🙂

  1. This one didn’t work for me, either. I never blogged or reviewed it because I looked like a sausage in a casing in mine. I’ve seen other reports that this pattern runs snug–so it’s not just us. And it sucks because I really wanted this one to work out because my daughter’s name is “Eva”.

    1. I just adore the look of it in the line drawing. Those gathers, the v-neck, etc. But nope. It’s too snug and the gathers didn’t work. 😦 It’s too bad you didn’t review it or I would have avoided it!

  2. It’s too bad that the neckline pieces make the gathers basically disappear–especially since the gathers are really what make the design unique! Sorry this one didn’t work out for you. But it’s true–you do look amazing in hot pink. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Anna. It was pretty disappointing that the gathers didn’t work. 😦

      I think I need to get more of this fabric and make something fun to make up for it. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Hayley! I think I need to get more of the fabric and make a different top in it. 🙂

  3. It’s just so annoying when a top looks gorgeous but once you are wearing it you realise that it was drafted for someone with a flat chest grrrrr….the pink fabric looks fab though:)

    1. Big chest problems. 😦 I’ve read a few reviews and it seems to have some misleading line drawings. The gathers are practically non-existent the larger the size, too, and tons had issues with the neckband. Next time, I will research reviews.

      I do adore that pink fabric, though! ❤

  4. It doesn’t look that bad in the photos at all and the colour is lovely. But if you don’t like it then just chalk it up to experience and move on I say.

    1. Thanks, Manju. I am learning to like it. It’s tough when my expectations of a pattern aren’t met. I really wanted those gathers to work out.

  5. Not only is the color awesome on you but that neckline is gorgeous on you. I say you need to give it another go when you’ve had time to forget the troubles.

    1. True! I wore it today and am coming to the other side. I might try it again in a couple of months. Thanks so much, Debbie!

  6. It *is* a fantastic colour.

    I love the concept of StyleArc’s patterns; the line drawings are always amazing. But I have had issues with their tops a few times (what’s supposed to be snug not being snug, in my case) and because of the fantastic design lines, they are so !@%@ hard to alter!

    1. I think I will definitely need to do an FBA on all their tops in the future. The Skye top is super tight. I had to add a 4 inch panel of fabric and pleat it at the neckline in my muslin to make it fit. It’s supposed to be a loose fit. 😦 I haven’t even finished sewing that one. I don’t seem to have this trouble with their pants at all, though, so that seems to be a win! 😀

      1. I’ve only made the one pair of Misty Jeans, but, for a novice pants maker, it was surprising how well they fit me. The tops have been 1 for 3 now, though. That’s a fail. 😦

  7. Thats a shame it didnt turn out how you wanted, that colour is great on you and you should definitely use it again. I must say I am hesitant to try StyleArc because this isnt the first I have read of issues. Thanks for sharing. Hila.x

    1. Thanks, Hila. I love the design of StyleArc’s patterns so I am not willing to give up yet but I’ve seen some issues especially as you go higher in the size range. I really love my Cate’s Cousin top though. That was a win. 😊

  8. This orchid pink is quite happy. Blargh for patterns that don’t turn out how they’re supposed to! I’ve never tried Style Arc either…I really don’t know how to deal with one-size patterns. :D…I guess that’s why I’ve never gone vintage either. Still, they really do have some great styles, and I could see how this pattern could be really great in the right fabric if you figure out the fit issues.

  9. This is so good to know because I love the line drawing too. Thank you for sharing. I do like it on you though. The v-neck is flattering and is what I always look for so I thought this had some promise especially since it was a more interesting take on it, but it sounds like in order to actually get that, it would need some work. I’ll be following your blog now because we are a similar shape and I’m glad to have found you. I hope you do try it again! P.s. – love the pink!

    1. Thanks, Natalie! I think it can work well if you shorten the neckband but keep in mind that you may want to size up depending on how tight you like things. The top has definitely grown on me since I love the colour. 😃 Thanks for the follow!

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