Springfield Top Review on CSC

Hi All!

Just stopping by to say my review for the Springfield top is live on the Curvy Sewing Collective. Check it out.

I really love the leopard print fabric I used for it. It’s a super soft rayon and has superb drape.

Springfield Top

Springfield Top

Springfield Top



4 thoughts on “Springfield Top Review on CSC

  1. Hi Andie

    I have seen the post and commented on CSC so won’t repeat myself. The drape on the rayon is fabulous and the colour suits you so well. It does look like a perfect top for a hot day. Am looking out for some rayon myself as I have only really used cotton/ cotton mix as I think the drape will be very flattering.

    Must go, expecting a visitor. Stripey hugs & take care,

    T x

    1. Thanks, T! Rayon is a long time love of mine. I have some more stashed away but I’m always on the look out for fun prints. With tops like this, the drape and the softness are always so flattering. I hope you find some! ๐Ÿ˜€
      Stripey hugs to you!

  2. You look so cool Andie; those colours suit you. Love that you found the fabric at your local thrift store!

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