Unplanned Hiatus!

I could have predicted this quite frankly since it happens anytime I sew heavily and then go on a trip. I got home from our trip to Winnipeg and promptly got sick with a cough that I’ve had since August, but decided to get 50 times worse. Now I am waiting on chest xray results and then getting other tests done to figure out what is up. I’m taking a break from sewing for the rest of November until things start to improve a bit. I’m okay otherwise, but need to take a break. I have very little energy since breathing has been tougher than usual. 😦 I don’t understand why you need to breathe to sew! Hahha! Joking. 😉

If you want to chat before I am back in December, you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or use my contact form and we can chat via email. 😀

In the meantime, here are a couple of sew inspiring links for your reading pleasure:

Danielle Vanier on why we don’t always need to flatter our figures I adore the outfit she is wearing!

Holiday Outfit Inspiration on She Might be Loved There are some jumpsuits there that make me want to try out the look.

Hope you have a lovely November!



16 thoughts on “Unplanned Hiatus!

  1. I loved that post on figure flattery! I was trying to make a similar point on a Pattern Review forum where they were talking about how voluminous clothes were only for the slim. Sigh. Hope you recover swiftly xx

    1. I’m so tired of hearing that only slim people look good in the oversized trend. Lol. I think Danielle looks amazing and I want to duplicate her look for sure. Thanks for the well wishes! 😙😙

  2. Feel better Andie! That’s a great article by Danielle. She looks amazing, and I think she’d dead on the money. I think most people can where whatever style they choose, especially if it’s styled well as she’s done. This has me rethinking the first lined jacket I made and love. It’s pink and cream seersucker with giant magenta buttons and some cool bias trim, but I never wear it because I made it a couple sizes too big. Phoo! I’m gonna figure out how to make it work!

  3. You worked so hard for success in Winnipeg and then, when you can relax and regroup, you get zapped with illness. Not fair. Take the time to “mend” (couldn’t resist a sewing reference!) and feel better soon Andie!

  4. Precious! You know you are my sewing “Booh!” So, get well, and take care of YOU. Come back strong for January. Hey, maybe we could (should) do a shirtwaist sew-a-long again. I am STILL fiending for one like your newspaper print frock.

    1. Thank you so much, Lyric! ❤ ❤ We should do a shirtwaist sew-along again. I think it'd be a great plan for the Spring. 😀

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