A Bedding Set for Charlie

I didn’t sew all November and now I have a huge amount to sew for the holidays. Luckily all knits so they should go pretty fast. I can’t post about the projects until after Christmas, but I will be posting my Top 5 of 2016 again this year along with stats and such. Should be fun. I am also hoping for a sewcation for the holidays so I hope I will have a new projectΒ to share after. πŸ™‚

This project was the last one I worked on.

Back in May, my friend, Nicole, posted on facebook that she was annoyed with the selection of baby bedding and how expensive it was. Nicole had recently announced that she was pregnant with her second child. I immediately commented that I could make her something. We worked out an arrangement where she paid for the fabric and I covered the labour as a present to her.

Plan was to make a quilt, a bed skirt, and bumper pads. We picked out the fabric from fabric.com in June and got it in July along with a few things locally and the quilt batting locally. I started the quilt in August with two decorative squares. One using applique:

Nicole sent me the design for the fox when she sent me a bunch of inspiration for the whole set.

Quilt for Baby Charlie

As a surprise, I embroidered the name on a quilt square with an arrow:

I haven’t done a lot of embroidery, but this makes me want to get into it more for adding fun details to clothes.

The rest of the squares and rectangles on the quilt were created without a plan. I cut the quilt back to size first and then arranged the pieces on top to get an idea of the layout.

I squared up the pieces and sewed.

And then sandwiched the layers together and used safety pins to make them lay right for quilting. I’ve never done a quilt of this size before and have literally only done one quilted wall hanging before so this was all a new experience for me.

For the quilting, I just followed the lines of the squares to make sure the feature was the gorgeous fabric and those two feature squares.

For the binding, I could not wrap my head around how to do it and just sort of winged it. I have since looked up more tutorials and am kicking myself for not getting it, but I didn’t want to rip it all back and really it looks just fine. The binding is a navy blue polkadot print. Difficult to tell in these pictures:

The skirt was pretty simple to make. I followed thisΒ tutorial, but didn’t make a box pleat and chose to use two different fabrics.

The bumpers were a bit more difficult. I didn’t get the length right the first time and I piped the tops of them with the same navy polkadot fabric. I had to rip it out and redo that and I messed up the position of the ties so that also needed to be fixed as well. After you add the batting, you then quilt lines through all layers at each tie except the end ones so the batting sits flat. My heart was a bit in my throat since I was sure I would mess that up, but it worked out great.

And then I tossed it in the mail. It didn’t make it to their place in time for Nicole’s mother to see it in person. That’s Canada Post for you! They guarantee 7 days and it gets there in 10… :/

Nicole took some pictures of the nursery with everything set up and I am in love with it. I sent her fabric samples once she chose the main fabrics and she picked paint colours and accessories based on the samples. The room looks like something off pinterest!

Quilt for Baby Charlie

Bedding Set for Baby Charlie

Bedding set for Baby Charlie

Bedding set for baby Charlie

Bedding Set for Baby Charlie

Charlie is a super lucky little girl to have such an awesome mom. ❀ ❀



9 thoughts on “A Bedding Set for Charlie

    1. Thanks, Siobhan! I haven’t actually sewed yet, but I’m hoping it will work out. I’m behind on Christmas presents. 😦

  1. Awww it’s gorgeous, well done you πŸ™‚ So sorry healthwise you’re not doing so good 😦 Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts winging your way. Not doing so great myself, fingers crossed we get a reprieve for the hols.

    1. Thanks so much, Lucy! I think it’s getting better. I just have no answers yet on why I have the cough or why I am having trouble breathing. Hopefully soon. ❀ I'm looking forward to the break over the holidays, though. I should get some rest then. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Andie

    Awwwwwwww! Super cute set and yes, the babies room looks show home with the quilt set and decor! A job very well done. I love the little fox, so sweet and you did a really good job with the quilting and making the cute bed set, I dread the first bit of binding I do, all patchwork so far made into something so not had that pleasure but my view is if it functions as it should looks tidy from arms legnth then the jobs a good ‘un!

    Next an apology… I saw your post regarding you needing a rest and was, in honesty, in a bit of a muddle myself. I thought to myself that I must tweet you or something, just so you knew I was thinking of you. I hope you have benefitted from a break and that you’ll build up gradually rather than pull my trick of going at it at 100mph the second you feel well enough to even sit up (pacing? What’s that then? Lol), unfortunately, my intentions of sending stripey hugs were dashed because I then lost November, not sure what I did with it, think it must’ve snuck out the door when I was laid up. Took most of the first week of December with it too so my grand plans for making gifts have been considerably reduced! Ultimate irony though, first few days I’m feeling a bit more with it I catch a cold and lose my voice… Gotta laugh (silently…)!

    Anyway, should my body go on strike again and I don’t leave you another post before 25th December then just want to wish you an early Merry Christmas xxx

    Big stripey hugs, take care, stay warm and be as good as you can πŸ˜‰

    T x

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