Handmade Christmas 2016

I got back to sewing in December and made a bunch of presents for people for Christmas. I did manage to make one thing for myself before the year ended, but I will post about that another day.

My mom got a dark purple bamboo knit Cashmerette Concord T:

Concord T shirt for my mom

I made her one for her birthday last year and she really liked it.

I made a bunch of pj pants and shorts using the free pj pants pattern from 5 out of 4 patterns.

5 out of 4 PJ Pants

5 out of 4 PJ pants

5 out of 4 PJ pants

5 out of 4 PJ pants

The top two were made for two of my friends that I work with. The bottom two are for my stepkids. The pants all have pockets in them and every time I pointed that out the recipient was pretty excited about it!

I have plans to use up all the flannel I’ve been hoarding for myself for this and try out the pattern. If I used up my flannel, I’d clear off a shelf and get the surplus into my cabinet. Most of the surplus is fleece leftover from the next project so if I make some fleece tops then that is cleared, too! Plans to get my stash down by 10% are underway.

The next project was all self-drafted. And by drafted, I don’t mean to claim any professional skills, but that I eyeballed most things and made guesses and luckily it all worked out!

First up, I made three mermaid tail blankets!

Mermaid Tail Blanket

They are super cute. Two are adult size for my niece and sister and the one is a bit shorter for my youngest niece.

I made shark tail blankets for my nephew and brother in law:

Shark Tail Blanket

These are probably my favourite out of the lot. Those teeth make me giggle!

Finally, I made a Cashmerette Turner dress for my friend and couldn’t resist trying it on:

Turner Dress

It’s made with some lovely medium-weight knit that a friend gifted me. The colour and print looks great on my friend. It’s all coffee colours and was originally going to be a Gilmore Girls related gift with a Luke’s Diner brooch made by me, but I never got around to it. So she has to wait for that part of the gift. She sent me a pic of her wearing it for her birthday and Christmas Day and I was over the moon with happiness. She looked amazing.

That’s it for what I made for Christmas presents this year. My husband missed out on the handmade gifts this year sadly, but I tried to remind him that he got two wicked Star Trek uniforms earlier this year!

Did you make any handmade gifts this year?


27 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas 2016

  1. Love all your homemade gifts. I love getting something made from the heart. Pj’s are awesome with pockets and the mermaid blankets ….amazing …how about an adult fish blanket or pjs

    1. Thanks so much! An adult fish blanket would work really well! Probably look like the shark, but without teeth. 😀

  2. Are those plaid pj bottoms made from a heavy-ish flannel? I think I’ve used the same fabric to make a night shirt. LOL

    And it’s lovely to see that the potential in something has been realized, when it would have just sat and done nothing in someone else’s home.

    1. The flannel was actually a thrifted flannel sheet. It’s super soft a bit more durable than flannel in fabric stores. I love using repurposed things like that. 😀

      1. That’s a good idea! I’d love to make another quilt this year. Hopefully use the fabric I got on my honeymoon in Holland. 🙂

  3. You’re so creative, Andie! I especially love the blankets! I made my husband a classic horror film quilt and my MIL a Turner dress. That was the extent of my gift sewing this year!

      1. That quilt was a headache as it has panel pieces and they are all different sizes. I stayed up late working on it for a week and still have the binding to do. I will share it when I do that, which will probably be today. 🙂

  4. The dress looks great! What a lucky friend to have such a personal gift! I love the fish tail blankets too. I saw a Snuggie at the store on the same theme, and I had to have a moment. They’re about the cutest things, and me and my dark humor loves the concept of a Jaws blanket. I made the boys some pajamas this year, and they made pillowcases from the leftover flannel for each other.

  5. Hey Andie could you adopt me? Love your family gifts 🙂 and your friend’s dress is gorgeous too.
    Sewing took a backseat for me this year as I handmade my cards and my Brother in law’s (52)
    which included Pergamano, embossing, watercolour painting, 3D, paper cutting, quilling and more.
    In the pipeline though are corderoy and chambray pinafore dresses (having problems with my shoulders
    so this style helps.), waterproof covers for my wheelchair, new way off keeping warm in my wheelchair.
    A shirt modeled on a Shakespearean film I saw 30 years ago and fell in love with the shirt 🙂
    Wishing you and yours a fantastic 2017

    1. You’re adopted! 😀 I made all my cards this year, too. It ended up being around 85 cards in total! It just occurred to me that I should have included that in my post. D’oh! I love the pinafore style. I’ll be trying it out, too. 😀 We can be pinafore twins. 😉

  6. You put in so much effort to your handmade gifts! I just made Christmas stockings! I love that dress but that shark tale blanket is a winner for me, it’s awesome.

  7. Oh man this list is so impressive! And I LOVE those blankets. They look snuggly and fun – peak blanket!

    I only sewed two gifts this year – two pairs of purple pants for a young friend. Apparently they don’t make purple pants for boys, and I was very pleased to help out. I think they might be my most popular make of the year! If only I had managed to take a photo of them…

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 Purple pants sound awesome! It’s too bad you didn’t get a photo. I almost didn’t either. Spent so much time just sewing. lol. I bet the recipient was pretty excited about the pants. 😀

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