I’m Alive!!

The tale I have to tell you.

2017 has been horrible so far, but things are finally feeling a bit better. Back in December, I got sick. I had a cold over Christmas. I didn’t think anything of it, but then January and February I got worse and worse until I couldn’t walk in February and was having such a difficult time with breathing and I was coughing so much. I wrote about it a bit in my last post back in February. Turns out I had pneumonia, but getting to that point of diagnosis was ridiculous. I didn’t have a fever at all, but I generally have a lower body temperature than the norm. I found out my dad has that as well. In February, I saw my GP several times and saw my respiralogist. Neither of them thought I needed a chest xray because the cough has been present for 9 months and I didn’t have a fever. I told them I was sweating and having chills, but I was checking out okay at a temp of 37.5 degrees celcius, which is high for me. I’m usually around 36 and rarely up at 37.

Eventually, I got diagnosed after going to the ER because my coughing was causing pain in my abdomen, a mild hernia. I got a CT scan and a chest xray and both showed pneumonia in my left lung.

I missed a month of work in total… Not good.

I got back to work and then ended up in the ER again after 2 days back because I sneezed and pulled a muscle in my back/dislocated a rib. It was terrible. I also got costochondritis, inflammation in the rib cartilage from coughing so much, and I still have that and a sore lower back. When you have a chronic illness, getting sick is so much worse and takes so much longer to recover…

I’ve been back to work for two full weeks. I had a migraine this morning, though, but I still feel like things are getting better.

I have little to no desire to sew. It was all I thought of while I was confined to my bed, but now that I am better….meh to sewing apparently!

Here is a recap of what I have sewn this year, though, since I won’t be writing individual posts on things (sorry, I need the spoons):

A blue Cashmerette Upton dress made with the same polyester fabric I used for the Star Trek uniform I made in the fall. I had 12 yards of this fabric so you’re going to see it pop up other places. 😉 I just love this pattern. I have many more plans for it. This version uses the gored skirt. I left the zipper off, because the fabric has some mechanical stretch to it. I’m also still perfecting the length of those waist darts and the width of the neckline, but overall I am pleased with how it looks on me and how I feel in it.

I made two bullet journal pen holders. The black and white bunny one is for my friend, Selina, who loves bunnies. Her holder has velcro on the back. I didn’t have white velcro handy for mine though so it ties around the journal. I’m going to switch that out eventually since it does not sit flat. These holders are great scrapbusters and took me a half hour to make both of them.

I made several of these Burda sweatshirts, which were part of my #2017makenine. I left the zipper off, because it’s not necessary and I didn’t want to struggle with it and the knit fabric. It’s a nice boxy sweater and comfortable. I made a size 52 and graded to a 48 at the shoulders. My first version was pretty large in the shoulders.

But the versions after worked out well.

I didn’t take final pictures of two of these, but you can see the colour combos below. All are made either with sweatshirt, terry, fleece, or cotton lycra with ribbing in various colours. The blue sweatshirt material with black brush strokes is the same material as my Golden Rippy Omega Angel jacket. The material is from 1986! I’m bringing the 80s back. 😉

I designed a couple of future dream projects using my curvy sketchbook:

Mostly, I’ve been making cards and enjoying that part of my creativity and the amazing team of people I am a part of with Stampin’ Up. Yep, I signed up as a demonstrator since I kept giving them my money. Hahah. It’s also been such a positive experience being part of a great team. It’s really helped getting cards from my team members while I was sick. ❤ It’s also a really great time to craft and be social.




I’ll be doing some small cardmaking classes in Toronto. I have one coming up on April 30th. If you live close by and just want a fun easy project to work on and want to be social, you are more than welcome. Feel free to contact me for more information.

I’m hoping my sewjo returns soon, but I’m glad that I’m feeling better every day. I do tend to sew more in the summer, because I want all the summer dresses.  I am still lacking in a lot of energy, but it’s getting better especially with the weather getting better and Spring in the city. I used some precious spoons this weekend to clean up my deck and prep for the flowers and herbs I will be putting back there. I’ve been enjoying my indoor plants and finding joy in the small things.


I also really appreciate the notes I got and the well wishes. Friends sent me flowers, brought soup over, and I got a stuffed fox from one, too. It made being sick for that long easier knowing how much people cared. ❤ Thanks all for your emails, comments, and well-wishes.






21 thoughts on “I’m Alive!!

  1. So happy to hear you’re doing much better, Andie. Pneuomonia aint nothing to mess with at all. Your sewjo will come back soon enough too.

  2. Hi Andie

    The royal blue dress looks amazing on you, the colour really suits you.

    I’m sorry you’ve been so sick and I’ve felt bad that I’ve not had the spoons to support you as I’ve also had a harder than usual time. You’ve clearly got some awesome friends who’ve stepped up and helped you. The weeks seemed to have disappeared since I read your last post but couldn’t I reply, I’ve thought of you and I’m glad you’ve finally felt well enough to post. Glad you’re able to card craft, I’ve been able to cope with about half hour a week in all so it’s 3 lots of 10 minutes spaced over 7 days so it’s better than nothing- pacing by default if you will. My default body temperature is lower than normal too. It has caused quite a bit of confusion over the years, trying to explain to all non expert medical people is a challenge though. It’s 10:50pm here, must have supper soon (fat free yogurt and zero calorie syrup… At least the syrup is chocolate caramel flavour! That’s what exciting passes for nowadays lmao), meds and get dog out for him to have a night time walk round the garden… Btw dogs knee is totally healed, he finally got to run free over long distances on some local fields last week with Mister and is building up his stamina slowly. Sorry it’s a brief catch up, can’t cope with much screen time, plus dog will have his paws crossed soon!

    Biggest Stripey hugs, I hope you will feel much better as the weather warms up. You take care,

    T x

    1. Thanks, T. No worries. I know you will reply when you can. I’m glad to hear your dog’s knee is healed. I bet he’s happy about that. I hope you are doing okay. ❤ ❤

  3. I also run low body temp. I wonder if it’s a spoonie thing? We’ll be here when you’re back at your normal 15.2%. 😀 Take care of yourself.


  4. Andie, I hope you are feeling better each day. Take one day at a time, be patient and look after your self.

  5. I’m glad you’re on the mend. You have been.through.it. I have a neighbor who does Stampin Up! She does a garage sale every summer where she clears things out for cheap. I’ll keep an eye out for you if you’d like.

  6. My goodness, you’ve had quite a rough start this year. =( Best wishes for continued progress on the health front; I’ve tangled with pneumonia twice, and it’s a rough thing to come back from even for a non-spoonie, so I can’t imagine how daunting treatment and recovery have been for you. ❤ (And I am so sorry that you had so much trouble getting a diagnosis–that's not acceptable at all! My temp runs low too, and like you, I have had definite fever symptoms without an elevated temp reading. Fortunately, most doctors will believe me based on my medical history and my been-there-done-that-with-lung-infections scripts; I am sorry that your doctors didn't take you seriously and put your health at serious risk. *so many hugs*)

    May your sewjo return very soon (you NEED that Outlander coat)! I adore the color combos you put together for your sweatshirts. And your card-making skills are enviable–you do beautiful work!

    1. Thanks so much, Mads! And sorry for the delay in replying. I’m glad doctors believe you when you have a temperature! Given all my ailments, you’d think they would believe me. haha. Just need new doctors, I think. 😉

      I signed up for some pattern testing which usually helps my sewjo. Crossing my fingers it does. ❤

  7. Gosh that’s quite the start of a year you’ve had! I hope things soon get back to a level that’s more manageable for you. And congrats on all these projects, you sure habe managed to do a lot!

    1. Thanks so much. It’s funny how it doesn’t feel like a lot, but that’s actually quite a bit considering I was sick for so long!

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