Miss Bossy is back!

Over on the Monthly Stitch is a super fun challenge for April that I am taking part in:

Miss Bossy is back for April! She knows that I have way too much fabric and way too many patterns that I need to use up so she’s being quite Bossy about me using them up.

The objective is for me to post a poll on my blog and have my readers vote to choose what I make. I’ll keep the poll open for a week and then snip snip… I’m cutting into my fabric! YIKES! But I better.

It’s pretty close to summer so all of my choices are based on that. I paired the fabric with a pattern that I haven’t used but thought would work really well with it.

1. Pink dot cotton & Designer Stitch Pippa wrap dress

I have 4 yards of this lovely cotton that are begging to be made into the Pippa dress. I got the pattern as part of my Indie pattern month prize last summer and haven’t made anything with it yet. The fabric was found at the thrift store. I am also excited about those flutter sleeves since they mean minimal sleeve fitting. I will be focused on making sure the wrap is appropriate for work, though. A muslin will definitely be needed to check that but the project seems pretty easy.

2. Tropical Rayon fabric & McCall’s 7624

I will need to do an FBA on this McCall’s pattern and possibly size up, but the sleeves for sure have enough ease in them for me not to worry about them too much (I really hate fitting sleeves lol). The only thing I will have to look out for is them perhaps revealing my bra on the side. I will also use a coral rayon I have for the contrast in the bands at the waist, neck and sleeves.

3. White Crepe Suiting/Coral Satin lining & Simplicity 2340

Simplicity 2340 is out of print, but I love it. View B has been on my list for a while using this white crepe/coral satin lining and I have just been putting it off and putting it off. I hate sleeve fitting and doing an FBA. Ughhhhhh. But maybe Miss Bossy will make me do it. It might not be done for the end of April though since it involves more complex fitting and sewing than the other two choices.

Vote now!


10 thoughts on “Miss Bossy is back!

  1. Love your bright tropical fabric & the peachy solid. I’d make a nice long flowy top with the print & a pair of slacks with the peach. Not thrilled with the dress pattern though as I don’t like that style of sleeves. The sleeveless is nice using the same fabric as in the main dress. I’m not a fan of outline with a different fabric.
    I always end up looking chunky.
    Total LOVE with the pink dot fabric & the wrap dress pattern. I hope you make this one because I was looking at this pattern & love it so if you make it first you’ll tell all the important things about fitting so I won’t go nuts making it.
    Love the white fabric & orangy lining but not the jacket pattern (too boxy).
    Will the lining show thru on the white or is it heavy enough? Will you have to adjust the length on the jacket & will that throw off the design lines?
    I’m looking forward to your make. Which ever one you choose you could always make the others later.

    1. With the blazer, I would have interlined it with a fabric to make it opaque. It’s actually a heavier crepe, as well, so it doesn’t need much for the lining to not show through. 🙂 But it doesn’t look like it is winning anyway! Neck and neck for the dresses. Who knows which one it will be!

    1. It really is! I love that colour of pink, too. I don’t have much in that shade so it will be nice to wear. It’s down to the two dresses and they seem to be fighting it out for the win. lol

    1. Yes, you should! I really love the pattern. I’ll definitely make that dress before the end of summer if Miss Bossy doesn’t make me do it sooner. 😉

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