Some Loosey Goosey Summer Sewing plans

I have a weird relationship with planning sewing. I love planning stuff out, but I hate being confined to the plans. So I am calling these “loosey goosey” plans because I don’t want to feel confined to them. I want them to inspire me but not restrict me.

I’m going to talk categories, because Me-Made-May always makes me think about the areas I really need to replenish my wardrobe or the areas I am lacking.


It’s been true for a while now that I need to make more PJs/loungewear for around the house. My current flannel pj pants and lounging shorts are getting threadbare and ratty looking after so many washes. Also, many lack pockets and that’s ridiculous to me now. I need a place to stash my phone or my tissue (sinus problems and being an empath mean I need tissues constantly…).

Since these are summer sewing plans, I have two summer pj plans.

Blank Slate Patterns Barton shorts

I know how weird it must seem to pick flannel for the summer to a lot of people. But I love flannel all year round. It’s really difficult for me to regulate my temperature so I often need sweaters all year round. Also, flannel is incredibly soft and there is nothing worse to me than having a lounge/sleepwear in a stupid scratchy fabric. I mean why choose stupid scratchy fabric for anything ever?

The flannel pictured is one of many flannels I have. I hoard that stuff. I will probably make a couple of these in different fabrics. The nice thing is this also helps me achieve a #2018MakeNine fabric objective of using my flannel. Go me!

I’ve made the Blank Slate Barton shorts many times and love them. They are super comfortable.

Hot Patterns Cupid Cami and Tap pants

This pattern is available for free on I have this black and white floral satin that would be great for some warm weather pjs. If these work out well, I might use some other satin I have for another pair. The only issue is that there are no side seams for pockets. I think I will probably add a patch pocket to the top. I also have the Designer Stitch Ella Cami set so I might switch the pattern out to that since it has pockets. Or not. Loosey goosey, after all.

DIYB Club Gabriela PJs

Welcome to the over the top crazy plan. I got this pattern for free since DIBY contacted the CSC editors asking us to review a few of their patterns. I immediately jumped on the Gabriela. I’ve been wanting to make a onesie for pjs for a really long time. Until this past year, there weren’t any in my size. There are now two patterns that I know of in my size and above! Gabriela is one and the other is Rad Patterns Cosplay suit. There might be more out there, but I am good with just having one for now. The Gabriela pjs are like old one piece thermal pjs and have a functional butt flap. Amazing! LOL. Perfect for pjs.

I got some Disney Princess cotton lycra from Funky Monkey Fabrics for this pattern. It’s a super indulgent and frivolous purchase for sure! I want to use a solid accent colour for the butt flap, cuffs, and pockets, but I haven’t picked that out yet since I was waiting to see the true colours in the fabric. I think I will likely make the shorts version of this pattern with no hoodie meaning that I might have enough fabric leftover for a tank top. YES!


The Peplum top is a free pattern from In the Folds is available through Peppermint Magazine. I have two linens (white and turquoise) that I want to make into Peplum tops.

I snapped this Designer Stitch Synthia ruffle top pattern as soon as it was released. Recently, I got this digital print rayon from a local store. The wrong side is a greyscale version of the print and I think that will look really neat with the pattern since the wrong side shows on the ruffles in some places.

Yes, yes, I know. I am the queen of Cashmerette Cedar Dolman hacks. I am the hack queen. ROFL. The idea of this hack is to use the leftover rayon from my M7624. I plan on using the coral to colour block the shoulders/neckline and then the tropical print for the main body.

The Style Arc Blair cropped shirt looks great for summer. I have a bit of this tropical print voile from my first Willow Kimono. I hope I can get it cut out of this fabric. If I can’t amke it work, I will pick up a solid colour and do the bottom half and the button band in the solid.

I bought this cotton lycra on a whim lately and went looking through my stash for a good pattern. Version B of Simplicity 8342 is the one I chose. I also kind of want to make the cropped pants but I would need fabric for that.


Cake Patterns was briefly out of commission for a bit and then they were bought out so their patterns are available again. WOO! I am a big fan of the Pavlova skirt. I have so many different versions. I’ve wanted to make the Endeavour shorts for a while. I have a bunch of smaller cuts of fabric that would be perfect for it. Some with a bit of stretch for comfort. 😉

Top Layers

I made a Designer Stitch Willow Kimono for our vacation this winter. I got this idea in my head to make a super weird version using this really bright orange leopard print satin with a ridiculous red fringe trim on the hems. Um yeah, so I am making that happen. This is also a #2018MakeNine fabric!

While it might be summer, I often toss on a light jacket for cooler nights. There are a few jean jacket patterns out there but few in my size so Seamwork Audrey it is. My dream is to make a jean jacket and then put a bunch of patches on it. I want a basic jean jacket and then a ridiculous


I need a dress that would work for a wedding and I think this rayon polkadot fabric plus the Seamwork Arden would be lovely. However, I want to swap out the sleeves for some short flutter sleeves. Another #2018MakeNine fabric.

This Burda Keyhole dress has been on my to-make list for a while. I think this polkadot chambray will look awesome with it. Another #2018MakeNine fabric.

You may remember this Designer Stitch Pippa dress and pink polkadot fabric pairing from my Miss Bossy vote! I shall make it happen since it got so many votes.

Helllooooooo mint floral eyelet! You would look lovely as Simplicity 8096 view C. Yes, yes, you would. Another #2018MakeNine fabric.


I need to get a move on a new batch of bras. I also need underwear. And some bike shorts for under dresses and skirts would also be good.

Final thoughts

It’s a lot of plans. I definitely won’t get them all done since I have costume making to do as well this summer. But a woman can dream!


10 thoughts on “Some Loosey Goosey Summer Sewing plans

  1. Hi Andie

    Someone’s been a busy Zebra! Have you actually left your sewing machine at all? Your output recently has been quite inspiring- glad you tackled the jacket and everything else on your “what do I sew next” list from last month. Summer, yes, I am looking at cotton PJ/ lounge pants I can wear at home or out with a change of top… One of them being a PJ top to match. I got 4 metres of the most obnoxious orange and black tartan, sorry “plaid” fabric. Theyll see me coming a mile off… Literally lol! A tunic or three, more lounge pants maybe or long shorts and a couple of tops… I got some great freebies last year for tops, tanks and tees plus I brought a course for drafting from RTW and my collection of long sleeve tees need refreshing- same as you I can’t regulate my body temperature so long sleeve tees is a must here by the North sea! Plus I burn in moderate sun- typical English pale and pasty skin/ dark hair combo! Looking to include my crochet somehow, either as a detail or using tee shirt yarn and a big hook to make a cover up of some sort. Should have this all done by 2023 lmao! Got some jewellery to sort for a girlfriends birthday and for SIL’s birthday first and making blackouts for my living room curtains… Lots of practice sewing in a straight line!!!

    Hey, don’t work too hard and burn out. I know you’re pretty good on the pacing but take care, when it starts to warm up my body doesn’t appreciate any rapid rise in the average temperature and I tire quicker. It’s harder to watch out for that if you’re busy/ inspired. Can’t wait to see your next cosplay outfits so stay well.

    BTW, postage from UK to Canada for “printed papers” is pretty reasonable so if there is anything pattern wise I can get here that you need let me know.

    Stripey hugs and happy #EDSawareness month to everyone with stripes

    T x

    1. Wow! You’ve got a lot of plans too! They all sound awesome. We’ll both be done by 2023. LOL.

      Not to worry, I thrive in the summer. Winter is my low energy time for me. I think the lack of vitamin D in Canada plus the cold weather really drive my energy down. There’s also usually less to wear/carry in summer so I find that helpful plus the footwear is less heavy. But I definitely sympathize with the heat for zebras. I wear light coverups in the summer and a sunhat to prevent burns as well as 60SPF sunscreen. I can easily get sunstroke which is no fun!

      Thanks for the offer of sending printed patterns! 😀 ❤

      Many stripey hugs to you and a happy #EDSAwareness month to you!

  2. I’m taking a mini nap now after reading this! Wake me after the Pippa is sewn.(the lovely pink fab “I” voted for!) LOL!!
    Loosy Goosy or not- that’s a-lotta sewing!!

    1. LOL. It is a lot! Thankfully, I’m a fast sewist. 😉 I’ll wake you when the Pippa is sewn up. 😉

  3. TY TY for the tip for the free download for Cupid Cami & Tap Pants. There isn’t a sample square to measure if my printer will print to scale. What did you do to print it out??? P.S. Luv your posts. I’m in mid Canada.

    1. Thank you! I print the pdf at 100%. Honestly, Hot Patterns pdfs are the worst to put together. Most printers don’t print to the edge of the paper and their pdfs are meant to be butted together and taped with no overlap so you often miss a line connection. Good luck. I hope it isn’t too frustrating.

  4. Ugh, I also love to plan & hate to follow the plans I’ve made. I’ve been avoiding my sewing room because it’s been consistently over 90 (I think that’s like 35+ Celsius) & it turns my sewing room into a broiler. But Jared just installed an air conditioner up there, so now I have no excuse, & SO MUCH I want to sew before we move…

    I’m excited to see that pink Swiss dot dress! I’m also looking forward to seeing that Simplicity top in action. Maybe I need to hunt that pattern down. I’m getting really into that little tie-front detail, which initially struck me as costume-y, but is growing on me.

    1. Ugh that sounds terrible! Sorry you haven’t had a space to work in.

      I’m hoping to make the Simplicity top this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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