ChronicallySewn on Instagram

Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce a new project I am starting. It’s a place for chronically ill sewists to ask questions, share inspiration, and also feel safe to talk about sewing issues that arise with chronic illnesses. This includes both physical and mental chronic illnesses.

Introducing @ChronicallySewn. For now, it lives on Instagram, but as it grows, I will explore other platforms for it, such as a facebook group or a blog. I want it to grow a bit first and then we’ll go from there.

If you are on Instagram and are a chronically ill sewist, please join and start using the hashtag #chronicallysewn or tag @chronicallysewn and I will repost to the account.

I hope you find it useful. I occasionally post about sewing as it related to chronic illness and decided it was time to create a community. Together we can share tips and tricks like erogonomic sewing tools, new ways of installing a collar or elastic that work with arthritis or tendon issues, self-care tips, and dealing with anxiety and sewing, for some examples. And so much more.

Join me on instagram and share your #chronicallysewn tips, tricks and projects.

Edit: You can join the Sewing for Spoonies facebook group created by @thecamdenstitch


9 thoughts on “ChronicallySewn on Instagram

  1. * delete as applicable

    I love it Andie šŸ˜„ I set up an IG account a couple of days ago, purely for following my crafty interests. When I’ve come down from the fact that England men’s *football / *soccer team just won their first EVER penalty shootout āš½āš½āš½āš½ I’ll get to following. I got lots of helpful hints as I’ve been doing this adapting stuff for many years both in my private life and finding adaptations for others in my work life was a pre requisite to employment! I am happy to check with people I worked with back then if I think they can help too. I think this is a great idea, again, shouting back to my former life and employment we learned it didn’t matter the impairment, we all had something to offer to help each other.

    Big hugs n well done on a great idea x

    T x

    1. You can comment using the web platform. It sucks that you can’t post your own, though, but I have ways to get people involved in comments. šŸ™‚

  2. Physical illness only? I have my ups & downs with chronic pain issues, but my bigger problem is definitely severe, treatment-resistant depression, which affects my sewing. But not in the ways of, like, doing a different zipper installation to make a garment more limited mobility-friendly. More like feelings around sewing (guilt about the space & expense) & what I choose to sew (a lot more pajamas when I’m feeling down, a lot more tailoring & precision when I’m feeling okay).

    1. I haven’t had a chance to update this post but definitely not just physical illness. I think those topics are great!! I’ll be doing a feature question every Friday where people answer what they do to help with certain things. Mind if I add those questions to my list?

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