Striped Simplicity 8342 top

I made Simplicity 8342 tie top as a result of Tasha’s many versions of it. Of course, Tasha and I have very different body shapes. But I also saw Jasmin Lucero post her version of it on instagram as well and figured that I could make it work for me, too. Both inspirations make this a bit of a Sew Style Hero nod to both Tasha’s and Jasmin’s lovely styles. ❤


I knew I would need some adjustments to the length of the top since my bust is larger than average. Even with the pattern going up to a 28W or a 50 inch bust, I knew that it wouldn’t quite fit perfectly the first time.

I lengthened the bust cups by about 3 inches for this version. I made the mistake of also increasing the size of the ties. Basically, I was lazy and instead of doing pattern adjustments, I just made the adjustments as I was cutting it out. Silly me. Especially since I was low on spoons and in lots of pain.

I solemnly swear I will do my pattern adjustments properly next time. 😉


The bust fits….okayish. The underbust doesn’t hit quite at my underbust so I need to do a proper bust adjustment for the next time that doesn’t change the tie at all. Although, the tie being that big does cover my bra in the cutout so that is good. I am also thinking of adding some elastic on the underbust seam so it sits better. The straps are in the right location and the back comes up far enough for my bra to be covered. I need some more room in the hips/stomach for sure. It looks good tucked into my chore skirt but not ideal otherwise. The shirt length would be better a bit longer as well.


The fabric I used is a cotton lycra purchased locally. I have more of it left so I am thinking of completely remaking the top again with the adjustments.

I definitely don’t hate the top. I actually really like it, but it’s not a good fit just yet. I think I will feel better in it when I redo my bra pattern to be lower. Right now, the bridge of my bra pokes up above the tie.

Some more adjustments plus a better fitting bra pattern and I think this could be a winner for the summer.

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Simplicity 8342 tie top
  • Pros: Okay size range. Love the vintage style.
  • Cons: The pattern would be greatly improved by including cup sizes, but that’s my only complaint. I guess I am spoiled for patterns with different cup sizes. 😉
  • Make again?: Absolutely! I also want to tackle those cute pants some day.
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md4/5 stars



5 thoughts on “Striped Simplicity 8342 top

  1. Looks good Andie, the things you aren’t happy about aren’t obvious when looking at the pics.
    Great to see you looking good in yourself.

  2. I love it tucked in. It gives the illusion of being a crop top. I also love the skirt with it. What a pretty skirt! I never would have dared this top when I was younger, I’m glad you did! It looks awesome on you! You are on a roll! ;o)

    I know what you mean about adjustments, I often tire of them, thus I have delayed making all my knit tops, I just do not want to do much adjusting right now!!

  3. Can I ask, what’s the waist measurement for the size you made in relation to your own waist measurement? I was also inspired by Tasha’s many versions to make this top. I went out & bought it & didn’t realize until I got it home that it comes in three size ranges & I bought the middle when I maybe should have bought the largest. I graded from my upper bust measurement (which is always smaller than all my other measurements would have me wear) to the biggest size, but even the biggest size in the mid-range has a waist measurement kind of considerably smaller than my own. I decided to just go for it anyway, & I’m about halfway done sewing it & it’s just sitting on my sewing table because I’m feeling pre-emptively discouraged about it possibly being too small in the waist. I should just finish it & see! Ugh!

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