A Unicorn Onesie for Recovery

I have loved my DIBY Gabriela Onesie since I made it. Every time I wear it, it increases my cozy factor by ten. That being said, I chose to make it with shorter legs and arms. While that’s great for some times, when it is cold in the house, I need a bit more fabric to keep my cozy levels high.

This onesie is perfect for colder nights or for maximum coziness. And it’s covered in unicorns!! I used the same pink bamboo fabric from my other onesie for the pockets, sleeve and leg bands, and the band for snaps. Instead of a zipper for this version, I made this version with snaps. The zipper was okay, but snaps are perfect. I do think I could improve on the location of the snaps so the band looks more centered. But I made the band with snaps as a last minute decision.

I’m really happy with these pjs.

Cozy things like this will make my recovery from surgery a bit better. I go in for sinus surgery tomorrow. I’ve been on the list for a few months and finally got the date earlier this year. It felt a bit unreal. Now I am just nervous. I’m sure it will be okay, but of course with any surgery I would be nervous.

I am really excited about the results post-surgery. I have a deviated septum and have never been able to breathe well at night. I’ve also had chronic sinusitis for well…. my entire life along with upper respiratory infections, allergies, asthma, snoring, etc. I don’t expect these all to be magically cured, but having a better chance to breathe well is huge, especially at night.

I might not be as responsive due to recovering. Hopefully it will all go well and I will recover quickly. But at least I will be wearing super cozy pjs!

Now to get super real here. Not only do I have the surgery coming up but I no longer have a job. The better part of the year, I had been worrying over this reality. I feel somewhat relieved that I don’t need to worry over it happening anymore and it’s just done. I am also glad it happened before my surgery so I don’t have to worry while I recover. Depression hit me hard this year with all the stress. I still have the tools I learned from cognitive behaviour therapy so I am safe, but it has been tough and one of the things I tend to do is avoid the topic. I’ve avoided talking about it pretty much everywhere which to be completely honest is an old habit of mine… Shove it all away and pretend it doesn’t exist. All in an effort to appear strong. But it’s not a good practice of mine and I am trying to get out of that. Depression is definitely nothing to be ashamed about and many people experience it. I’ve struggled with depression since I was about 12. I have also been suicidal and self-harmed, but I am not in that place any more thankfully.

I’m looking forward now with hope; recognizing that it will always be a struggle that I have to deal with and work through. Depression isn’t something that you recover from and suddenly are so cured and happy; it’s something that you have to manage, like a chronic illness.

It’s no surprise, as well, that chronic illness and depression often go together. I know several of my spoonie friends that struggle with depression along with their chronic illness like I do. Part of depression is a result of the isolating experiences of being disabled and chronically ill.

I’m sending a ton of love to anyone struggling with depression like I am. ❤



19 thoughts on “A Unicorn Onesie for Recovery

  1. Good luck on your surgery and recovery!

    And I’m so sorry to hear about your job. I know you’re not totally surprised by this news, but it’s still a blow. I’m sending you good thoughts and will be in touch directly soon. xo

  2. Ooooo – now I want unicorn jammies! Those are fabulous. I love that you are “looking forward with hope” and best wishes for a quick recovery. 💕

  3. Your onesie is so darn cute and it looks so comfortable! Unicorns FTW!

    I’m certain that your surgery will go well and that you’ll feel better when you’ve recovered. It would be difficult to keep the darkness away with all that you’re going through, but you are one strong woman and I know that you will end up on top. 😊 Lots of love. ❤️

  4. Now that is a onesie, loving the unicorns and you are rocking it. Good luck for the surgery and fingers crossed it brings you the ability to breathe well at night. Just remember recovery takes time so bring on the cosy and make sure you don’t push things too fast xx

  5. That looks very comfy. Best wishes for all the stressful things–times have been hard for so many lately, and I think you’re brave to face that you get depressed and that it makes sense that you do. Good luck with all.

  6. For All you have been through I would say you are doing very well !!! I know I couldn’t cope !! You are a survivor !!!! Hope your Surgery goes Better than expected and you get Sinus relief !!
    Keep smiling and be the wonderful person you are !!! When things get tough punch Dale !!! I know he won’t mind : ) 🤪🤪🤪🤪. You could punch me but I am too far away LOL
    I’ll be in Ontario to help Grandson Jacob (7) recovering from Brain Surgery at Sick Kids. If I can I may get to see you . Love your Unicorn Onesie and if you’re selling ??? Maybe once you are better ??? Sending Alll my Hugs and Love Good Luck !!! Ev

  7. Your Gabriela onesie is the stuff of winter pajama dreams, and is beyond cute as well as cozy-looking. I hope it is comforting to you in every possible way as you recover from your surgery. I sincerely hope you get palpable relief from the procedure and that having it done improves your quality of life. (Perhaps a celebratory IG story of you just breathing deeply in silence will be in order? 😉 )

    Sending all my love to you as you cope with everything going on. The way you describe depression is so accurate and I’m here with you in solidarity (esp. as someone else going through a “relapse” of the worst of it, if you will). It’s horrid that society so clearly conveys the message that mental illness is shameful to the point that we feel that hiding our pain is what “strength” means, and that we are taught to value the comfort of others in the face of our struggle instead of our own safety and needs. Wishing you better days ahead. ❤

  8. I hope the best for you and a speedy recovery with your surgery. My prayers are with you on the surgery and the depression. I to also have a chronic illness and suffer with depression, so I get you girl. I’m always here to talk to if you ever need someone that will never judge you. I’m a mom and I’ve always listened to my kids and there friends. I know what a struggle it is. You are a beautiful and talented young lady. Keep sewing , it’s good for you. Again my prayers go out to you and I’m always here to talk to. Stay positive🌼🌸🌺🌻🌷🌹🌼🌸🌺🌷🌹

  9. I read this late, I think, so you should be through surgery and recovering well. I’m so glad you’re taking good care of yourself. Every ending is difficult and sad, but without endings, we couldn’t have beginnings. Hopefully, the new nose will bring with it sleep, contentment and a lot less brain fog. Take care.

  10. Good luck for surgery ❤️I hope it makes a marked increase in your quality of life. I’m so frustrated for you about your job, you’ve been dealing with so much. Thinking of you always xx

  11. Good luck for surgery ❤️I hope it makes a marked increase in your quality of life. I’m so frustrated for you about your job, you’ve been dealing with so much. Thinking of you xx

  12. This is lovely – you really are talented. Sorry to hear about the job and how low you have been feeling, but hopefully the septoplasty will give you improved breathing. When I was still working as an ENT nurse we regularly saw patients benefit massively from this type of surgery. Hope you don’t mind but I shared this to my regular PainPalsBlog feature “Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!”, Claire x

  13. Wishing you improved mental and physical health! My DH had the septum and sinus surgery years ago, and it was incredibly helpful. I hope you get a similar result.

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