Laela Jeyne Mica T-Shirt

Thank you for all your lovely comments on recent posts. I’m sorry I haven’t replied to every one of them. It’s been a tough transition with my new job. I will get to replying to them when I can, though. ❤ I appreciate and read every one of them.

Last Thursday was my birthday. I celebrated in a *very chronic illness* TM way by busting my knee and being in bunches of pain. That said, it was actually a really good birthday for me. My brother visited and he gave me some wrist warmers he knit and I made cake and had wings for dinner. My husband took me to a Brazilian steakhouse on Tuesday (since we knew my brother was going to visit) and he gave me a huge bottle of one of my fav kinds of tequila. While my chronic illness and pain can often offset my plans, I’ve learned to relax a lot of my expectations and listen to my body when it says I need to rest. It’s definitely changed how I live my life. I try not to push past where my body can function. I’ve been embracing more comfortable clothing. It helps that I now have a job where I work from home all the time so I can relax a lot of my wardrobe needs.

This top is all about embracing the comfy.

The Laela Jeyne Mica T-Shirt is a free pattern (read how to get it here). The Mica Pattern is a drop shoulder relaxed fit shirt with short and long sleeve options and a V-neck.

I made a 2XL with C-E cup graded to a 3XL at the hips.

It’s oversized in a good way and comfy AF.

I’m wearing it here with my Cashmerette Belmont Leggings and I love it. This outfit has become my go-to outfit the past few weeks since making the top.

The fabric I used is a rayon spandex that I found at the thrift store. It has to be the softest, loveliest fabric and, with the drape, it’s completely perfect for this pattern.

Granted those sleeves are a bit long, but I have mentioned how I prefer that. My brother’s gift of wrist warmers were probably the best, smartest gift ever for this coldy bear. I get cold hands so easily and don’t always have gloves on hand so I find that having longer sleeves helps me out there. So hold your comments on me needing to shorten those since I like looooong sleeves and never adjust sleeve length.

This was my first Laela Jeyne pattern, but not my last. In fact, I also made the free Lotus Bodysuit (also available in this link), but that will come another day. The instructions for the Mica shirt are great and it fits just as expected. I actually have no changes that I would make for this top. I think it fits just as designed and works really well for me.

It’s also a great shirt for video conferences in that I don’t look like I am in my PJs, but it definitely feels like it and that’s what I am looking for in clothing these days. Secret PJs, actual PJs…. etc. Anything that is incredibly comfortable.

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: The Laela Jeyne Mica T-Shirt (read how to get it here)
  • Pros: Fairly good size range. FREE. Lovely v-neck. Nice style.
  • Cons: I see no cons.
  • Make again?: 100% yes.
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md 5/5 stars

8 thoughts on “Laela Jeyne Mica T-Shirt

  1. Free “T” and leggings, are perfect! Beautiful top color, too. Good idea about the wrist warmers for us coldy bears-I’ll to knit myself a pair. Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh Andie! So sorry to hear that you hurt your knee. We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, Sunday, as the weather here on the Thursday was just awful – pouring rain, cold, sloppy mud, etc. The way they could get me into the neighbor’s house was by him and my husband and my neighbor’s wife carrying me up the steps in the wheelchair. Sigh. I ended up hurting my back as usual so I can relate. Hey that T-shirt is really neat and I can see that that fabric would be super soft! Way to go! Hugs, Kathy from Southeastern Arizona

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I’m so sorry you hurt your back. Are you feeling better now? Back pain is so frustrating. 😦 ❤

      1. I missed your reply to me. It comes and goes. Turns out I have osteoporosis pretty bad, scoliosis and degenerative bone disease. Thank you and hope you are doing much better as well! Kathy from Arizona.

  3. Hi Andie
    Hope your knee is feeling better, belated happy Thanksgiving to all and a belated very happy birthday to you Andie. My mum’s OH is American so they celebrate, I always make sure to call to send my best wishes. I may not celebrate Thanksgiving though I do celebrate the amazing pumpkin pie and all pumpkin related sweets, cakes and desserts. Especially as I’ve sussed how to make them gluten and milk free, yay me! My can of pumpkin sits ready in the kitchen and I’m saving spoons so I can make something yummy leading up to Christmas 👍

    Your top was a wow moment so I went straight to the Laela Jeyne website to sign up and down load the free patterns to try out (spoon save 2.0). As you know, I’m kinda a no dress zone so her patterns really appeal. I’m gonna check a couple of the Cyber Monday fabric sales and see what I can get as most of my stash is cotton or linen and use some of my supported time to try make something.

    Sorry I’ve been invisible, I’ve really enjoyed your posts in the meantime. I’ve been going through it last few months, hoping today is start of an up turn and not a one off! I had a mishap with my neck in October, leant forward to mop up a spill not wearing neck brace and there was a clunky, grindy popping sound and the neuro symptoms went into overdrive, this was on top of a major amount of sciatic pain I already had and also while cutting down on pain meds and pregabalin. I pick my moments lol got hospital next week but I don’t hold much hope of anything constructive happening. I find if you expect the least you can’t be disappointed and if you get help it’s a nice surprise!!!

    If I’m not back before have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year

    Big hugs, T x

    1. Thanks, T! Pumpkin anything is the best. 🙂 I hope you enjoy trying out the Mica shirt. I’ve been sewing a lot less dresses these days so her patterns are good for me too 😀

      I’m sorry to hear you have been having a tough time lately. That clunky grindy sound is so scary. I get that in my back occasionally and it’s awful. 😦 I hope that you have less moments like that. Sending you lots of love and have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year. ❤

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