Muna and Broad Undies

Disclaimer: I tested this pattern and received the final version for free. My opinion is my own.

The Muna and Broad Undies pattern is a high-rise underwear that includes period undies.

The pattern has options as well for using fold over elastic or picot elastic. I tested this pattern and made about 4 (first pair is missing in the below picture) pairs using my tester pattern and then made a pair using the final pattern.

I have been looking to tweak my self-drafted undies pattern for a while so this pattern was very timely since my undie drawer was getting quite desperate. I wanted a high-rise option with lots of bum coverage.

Let me tell you, these are the most comfortable pair of undies I have ever worn! I barely know that I am wearing them. They feel like a second skin tbh. I’m pretty jazzed about it. As a result, I am slowly making a bunch to replace all my other pairs that don’t fit well anymore. I cannot wait to toss the old undies out!

Cue scandalous pictures of me in my underwear….

This is my tester version. I used a printed mesh for the main and cotton lycra for the gusset. The pattern calls for 1 inch fold over elastic.

The fit is fantastic.

This is my version in the final pattern. I upcycled a dress I had that didn’t fit anymore. I used the dress seam at centre front because of fabric constraints. Edit: Forgot to say this is size 2 with no alterations.

The fabric is very slinky but really lovely to wear. It does not have great recovery, but with the FOE it doesn’t fall down or anything.

The rise in the front intentionally angles down a bit to avoid wedgies. For me, it’s so comfortable where it sits. I’d much rather have it there than in my belly button. The back coverage is perfect. Depending on how tight you pull the FOE as you sew, it will make sure they stay put while you wear them.

Now, 1 inch FOE is a bit tough to find, but I was able to find some on ebay for around $3 for 10 yards. It’s thinner than the Dritz kind, which I found on Amazon, but still works well. The pattern has you turn the FOE over for the softer, plush side, fold over the seam allowance, and then sew in one go. With my chronic illness, gripping is an issue so I have actually gotten surgical clamps to help me out there. It’s helping improve my technique plus reducing the damage I can do to my fingers. I still remember dislocating my thumb while making a swimsuit a couple of years ago so I definitely want to avoid that!

I finally have a use for all the knit scraps I have hoarded from projects over the years so I am going to make a ton of different pairs of these undies. I will also be experimenting with panels in stretch lace so I can’t wait to wear super cute undies.

Now I just need to get a bunch of bras made to match!

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Muna and Broad Undies
  • Pros: Great size range. High rise. Super comfy. Fits great.
  • Cons: None.
  • Make again?: I think 5 million pairs ought to do it.
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md 5/5 stars



6 thoughts on “Muna and Broad Undies

  1. Well done! I have a big belly hangover, do you have an idea on how would I compensate for that?
    Surgical clamps, brilliant!
    One idea that helps hold on to fabric is to use gloves that quilters use. Anything that has a rubbery grip will do like gardening gloves or a piece of nonslip shelving liner in each hand.

    1. Thanks for the tip on gloves! I have a belly hangover too and these undies accommodate it no problem. You may need to adjust the front rise but possibly not since they are already high rise.

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