Seamwork Mel Joggers

Welcome to 2020 when Andie makes a pattern in the month it was released and almost posts a blog in that month, too. LOL. It probably won’t happen again.

The Seamwork Mel Joggers were an instant buy for me. I’ve wanted to make joggers for a while, but most of the patterns are too small for my hips. I got the True Bias Hudsons years and years ago in a bundle but I would have needed to grade them up by 10 inches and that made me sigh heavily and never tackle it. The Mel joggers are perfect. They go up to a 58 inch hip. Yay joggers that would fit me!

I choose to make the size 26, the largest size for 58 inch hip because I was concerned about them being a slimmer fit and my fabric not being stretchy enough. My hips are anywhere between 54 and 57 inches so I also wanted them to be able to deal with that fluctuation. The result is a nice relaxed fit and a super comfy pant.

The fabric I used is a super stable ponte in a multicoloured animal print design. I got it in a local swap and have been hoarding it for a while now for something perfect like this project. Who doesn’t want joggers like this? Okay, lots of people, but sheesh I love them!

I made no alterations to the pattern. It’s quite a great fit in my opinion and I don’t have any changes I would make for another version. Both crotch curves fit perfectly. The length is a bit long, but with the cuff on the bottom is doesn’t drag on the floor. It creates a nice look at the bottom. They are so comfortable that I can’t even.

I’ve worn them almost non-stop since I made them and want about 200 more pairs. The pockets are a perfect size. I can fit a full-size can of club soda in my pocket, my phone, tissues, and a few more bits and bobs in ONE pocket. I don’t know about you, but this is awesome to me since I am stubborn and try to make a single trip to the kitchen and back. No more struggling with them in my arms: deep pockets!

Clearly, I love these joggers and can’t get enough of them. ❤

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Seamwork Mel Joggers 
  • Pros:  Good size range and lovely deep pockets.
  • Cons: I can’t think of any negatives for this!
  • Make again?: Yes! I’m also planning on making a pair for my husband but I will probably need to lengthen the pattern for his legs.
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md 5/5 stars

6 thoughts on “Seamwork Mel Joggers

  1. Hi Andie, I really like those Mel joggers. They look really good on you! I hope you are doing well and feeling good. I need to be careful and limit my computer or sewing machine time so that my back does not go out.

    I have an off topic question. I’ve never sewn with jersey stretch fabric and I would like to make a form fitting dress – McCalls 6886 Knit Pullover dress view B but maybe with the neckline reinforcement or t-shirt type neckline still with a jewel neck. It goes up to size 22. The bra I wear now-a-days is a 44H in UK sizing or 44C in USA sizing – yeah it’s weird due to my breast shape –
    sag U U. My waist measures about 45 inches and hips about 46 inches. Size 22 in this pattern is bust 44, waist 37 and hips 46, 17 1/2 inches for back neck to waist measurement — about perfect for me. My column or rectangle shape does me in with most patterns as my waist does not go inwards like other people’s does. As you know, most commercial patterns are sized with a B cup in mind. How would I enlarge the bust with no dart and especially the waist yet still keep the dress quite close and form fitting? Do you have a tutorial for this type of alteration? You can contact me using email as I’m not on Facebook, Twitter or those platforms. Thanks and sorry for being off topic. Kathy from Arizona.

  2. These look great, Andie. I’m excited to make this pattern sometime soon. I’ve wanted a good joggers pattern for a long time too and was very unwilling to grade up the Hudson pants pattern, even though I have it. It’s shocking (and I guess also not that shocking at all) that it’s taken so long to get a good jogger pattern in a more inclusive size range.

  3. I love these so much! That fabric is everything!!! Now I need to make a pair as well. I was wondering what size, because I don’t want them fitted, but I don’t want them super baggy either. So I am taking notes from your experience 😃

  4. Those are awesome. So happy you found a pattern that fit you, and makes a garment that solves the form, function and comfort trifecta. That’s a major success. You should have more they could totally be multi-occasion wear. Take a look for double sided ultra suede, it’s amazing if you can find it stable like pointe, and super comfy and warm. And what about with a tuxedo leg stripe? Are you able to get your braces on under? I find myself having to modify my wardrobe every time I add a new brace. Feeling inspired now; thanks!

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