Round up of unposted projects from 2019

Hi everyone!

I recently redid my website. It’s not 100% finished but getting there and unless you look back in my archives, you can’t really tell the unfinished bits. When I went through all my past posts, it turns out that I didn’t share everything I made in 2019. I know it’s February now but let’s take a look at what else I made in 2019.

Minerva Makers Projects

Last year, I became a Minerva Maker and get a fabric allowance. The method of creating blog posts and submitting them means that often projects are posted months after I have made them. The method is changing soonish so that we can post them instead of waiting for them in the queue. These projects are in no particular order.

I love this suit pairing. The jacket is the Helen’s Closet Pona Jacket and the trousers are the Blank Slate Forsythe trousers. The fabric is a viscose blend suiting fabric with a slight stretch in a purple heather colour. I wore my Grainline Studio Hemlock tee underneath it. I love the Pona Jacket and can’t wait to make it again. I’ll post a full review on that at some point since I love it so much.

This project was made with a Christmas party at my new job in mind. It’s made with a sparkly knit with sequins. The knit has no stretch to it though. Originally, I was going to use the top from the Laela Jeyne Lotus Bodysuit/Camisole but with no stretch in the knit, that wouldn’t work. So what I did was merge that pattern with the bodice from the Cashmerette Upton dress and add to the side seams so that it could be pulled over my head. I used thin strap elastic for the neckline and straps as well as the waist. Then I just added in several panels for the skirt and gathered it. I loved wearing it and can see this being worn again for Pride in the summer once I perfect a sport bra/crop top for underneath.

The fabric for this one is a lush poly-satin that is very lightweight. I used the Designer Stitch Willow Wrap for the robe and cropped it. Underneath, I created a modified Cashmerette Webster dress. I modified the bottom panel to be a V at the centre front and back as well as an inverted V on the side seams. It’s such a lovely lingerie set and I love the colour on me. I made the Webster dress before and so I also moved the darts down for this version. I do think I need some more work on this pattern, but this version fits well for a lingerie set.

The Minerva fabric on this one is the starry blue fabric. The pattern is the Charm Patterns Lamour dress. I wasn’t super pleased with the fit on this one. You can read more about in my Same Pattern Different Bodies post on the CSC.

This super cute skirt is made with a laser cut scuba knit. I didn’t use a pattern for it. I just gathered two panels and used the selvage in the hem. The white waistband was added using a white quilted knit I had in my stash. I put 1.5 inch elastic in the waistband. It fits great and, while it doesn’t have pockets, it’s been worn a lot with my turquoise Burda cowl neck top.

The fabric for this look is a crepe knit in a bright yellow plaid. It’s probably called Liverpool knit in some areas. There is a texture to it and the back is white. I made a tube dress with straps and paired it with a jacket with a lapel. The dress uses the Cashmerette Concord tee as a base and then cuts it off below the arms with added straps. The jacket is a Decades of Style Three’s a Charm jacket with an additional lapel added. I made it in a yellow woven plaid for my Clueless look.

This creation is actually live on the website but never shared here. The base of the pattern is a vintage Anne Adams dress that I only used the front pieces for and then added straps and a waist tie. The print is a cute gnome Christmas print that I adore. It’s got gnome like people on it, houses, and a car with a Christmas tree on it. I love it with the bright green solid because that is an unexpected Christmas colour.

Finally, the last 2018 Minerva Makers project is this cute crop top and skirt set in an adorable bunny print. The skirt is made in a simple gathered style but with an elastic waist so I didn’t have to fuss with gathering yards of fabric. It also has pockets of course! The top is made with the Workhorse Patterns Ione top. I added a waist tie and elastic waistband. I also made the shoulders with functional button bands on them.

Handmade Gifts

I made a cute little donut pencil case for my niece. It’s made using a pattern that was on the Burda website but isn’t any longer sadly. Same is true for the unicorn keychain.

I also made hair scrunchies for my niece with this Made for Mermaids free pattern.

For my other niece and sister, I made some makeup bags and reusable makeup pads. I didn’t use a pattern for either but I did follow a tutorial for the makeup bags but I can’t find it right now of course!

For my nephew and brother-in-law, I made keychains with suede. On the left is the Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield and on the left is a bicycle wheel. I wanted to put more spokes on it but my machine was having trouble with the suede even with a teflon foot.


Last year, I started doing commissioned work and it turns out I actually love it. I’m not going to share every project, but there are a couple special ones.

First one is a bowtie collection. The top two were made with satin kerchiefs and the bottom one was made with a tie. They are adjustable and don’t require tying so they just fasten at the back. I followed a tutorial for it but again can’t find it so many months after making them.

Of course, I had to try it on. How cute! I might have to make one for myself!

Next up are these Angel and Demon dolls I made in the likeness of my husband for his Fringe show tour. I also made him 4 pairs of black pants using a pattern from rtw pants that fit him well. I started off with a pattern one the web, which of course I can’t find now, and then adapted it for longer legs and a bit more of a rotund belly. I made the shirt and pants by just draping them on the body and sewing them. Both shirts are fastened at the back with velcro and have little seed buttons on the front. I love them. They now sit on the shelf in our living room and I get a kick seeing them all the time.

Repeat projects

The other projects I didn’t get around to sharing are repeats. They are patterns I made before but didn’t share the second version.

This Seamwork Loretta is made with a gauze fabric and all hems have a soft cotton lace fringe on them. It ends up creating a longer hem look than my previous Loretta top.

I love wearing it and the gauze fabric was perfect for Summer weather.

Not technically a repeat but a refashion. I took my failed Blank Slate Denver tunic and remade it into a cute little crop top by adding a band at the bottom. I adore this sweater and have worn it quite a few times with my bunny skirt.

I also made this no-sew Pride tutu but never wore it. It’s made with strips of tulle that are tied to a rainbow ribbon. I still need to trim the hem. It’s cute though and I will wear it at some point.

That’s everything from 2019. I have a few projects not shared from 2020 that will come out soon.



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