Introducing the Muna and Broad Sculthorpe Pants

Hello everyone! The usual disclaimer applies to this post. I tested the Sculthorpe pants for Muna and Broad but my opinions and snacks are my own.

The Sculthorpe pants are a tapered elastic waist pant with a mid-high waist. They have side panels that feature large pockets with a V shape. The pattern starts at a 46.5″ hip and goes to a 71.5″ hip.

I made my pants in a gorgeous lavender linen from a local store called Fabric Fabric and it was gifted by Leila and Jess, from Muna and Broad, for testing. Since the shopping trip was with Leila and also Sara from Fabric Scraps, I got a chance to try on size 1 of the Sculthorpe pants and they fit great! My hip size fluctuates based on inflammation so I can be anything from a 54″ hip to a 58″ hip.

Here is the frustrating part of taking blog pictures. Sometimes you just can’t get the right shot! Looking at my backside in the mirror and there are no “smile lines” at my thighs and the fit is perfect, but I literally took the backside picture 10 times and it kept showing up. After every picture, I’d check in the mirror…perfect. Picture…not so much. I’m just going to let it go, but the back fit is actually really good.

The most that is happening in these shitty mirror pictures is that there is a bit of bunching under the waistband on the right because I am contorting my body to take the picture.

So thanks prettier pictures for FAILING me. LOL.


I love these pants. They are comfy and fun to wear and I want several more pairs of them.

Now, these are made with the tester pattern so I will make sure to use the final pattern in a full review very soon.

The instructions were great. I love how the pockets are made. There is a top panel and a bottom panel and then you fold the top panel to make the pocket bag. Very smart and less sewing needed. The side panels are almost completely straight. Most of the tapered shape comes from the front and back centre panels. With the side panels mostly straight, though, it makes it easy to take it in more if your preference is to have more tapering or if you are making a wearable muslin.

I topstitched most seams and also topstitched the waistband elastic. It calls for 1.5 inch elastic, which can turn and bunch since it doesn’t really come in non-roll kind unless you want to pay more. Topstitching it helps it stay in place. However, it does also make your elastic stretch out a bit more so cut it tighter than you would normally.

I did take a bit off the hem since I have short legs. I didn’t measure how much, though. Probably an inch maybe an inch and a half. They hit just above the ankle and I could have left the hem as is but really liked the look of it hitting just above the ankle. So lovely. So Victorian Age scandalous…

I couldn’t resist doing a monochromatic outfit with my lavender Montrose top with embroidery. The embroidery pattern is from A Tiny Stitch and is called the Josephine. I will chat more about that when I post a full review on the Montrose top. 🙂

This is a great comparison of the waist height of the Sculthorpe pants compared to the Muna and Broad Glebe pants. The Glebe are couple of inches higher for me than the Sculthorpe pants. The Glebe pants also call for 1 inch elastic. I love both pants.

Imagine me saying I love pants a few years ago? I have made so many pants lately.

I have so many plans for so many more versions. I recently got some mint linen or cotton canvas from the thrift store and also got some stretch cotton from Fabric Fabric in a lovely bright pink colour that would be perfect for this pattern.

Now I just need Spring to hurry up here. I say that as I gaze out the window at a bunch of snow that just arrived last night. Fun times. Linen is not good for the snowy cold weather. BRR! Fingers crossed I can wear these outside the house soon!




8 thoughts on “Introducing the Muna and Broad Sculthorpe Pants

    1. Thanks Barb! I did too until lately! Been really lucky to have a string of patterns lately that haven’t required adjustments!

  1. These look so good on you! I lurvvvve the monchrome look, super into it. I love my Glebes, and I’m thrilled, I also could never imagine myself saying I love pants! I’m excited to try the Sculthorpes at some point.

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Yes so odd to be excited about pants, but these are definitely pants to get excited about! 😀

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