Seamwork Emmie Top

The Seamwork Emmie top came out last August and I snapped it up immediately, but just didn’t get around to making it until now.

The Emmie top is pretty similar to the Roscoe blouse in style. There is a bit of a change from the Roscoe with the sleeve hem shaping and also there is elastic in the neckline instead of gathering and bias tape.

The sizing is not quite as good as the Roscoe, but only by an inch or so. I think the Roscoe has a bit more generous amount of ease, though, so it may work for larger measurements than are listed. The Emmie is a little more close fitting, but still a loose fit.

I made size 24. My measurements have actually changed a lot recently, but I didn’t know that before I chose my size. I chose my size based on 52 bust, 48 waist, and 54-56 hips. Now my measurements are closer to 51 bust, 47 waist, and 52-54 hips.

The length of the top hits at the high hips so the top is great for higher waisted pants like the Sculthorpe pants I am wearing. I didn’t add the necktie. I love the style but didn’t really have anything to use for the tie. The pattern suggested using ribbon or cord to make the ties, but nothing looked good with the print. I also often hear how my clothing with ties on it gets tangled in the laundry and, for my husband’s sanity, I left it off. The other modification I did was to sew the centre seam up higher so I didn’t have to use hook and eyes. It worked out great. I did have to shorten the facing as well, but that’s an easy task.

The fabric I used is a lovely cactus print double gauze from Funky Monkey Fabrics. The fabric is fabulous to wear. I often have trouble sewing double gauze due to the looser weave. This fabric definitely sewed up much more easily than other double gauze fabrics I have used in the past.

I think my only issue with the top is the length. I definitely prefer a longer top than this one, but it looks great with my Sculthorpe pants. It’s just that in the winter here, it’s not smart to go out with a shorter length top. I have a lot, though, because I like the top otherwise! Also, I just want Summer here so I am wearing all the cactus shirts ever okay?

Spring does seem to be on the way here now, though. I saw the cutest little snowdrop flowers so some early Spring is happening here.

Back to the pattern. The instructions were good. There are some confusing ones for the facing/elastic. I decided to sort of go my own way with that, especially since I was ignoring half the instructions anyway since I didn’t use hooks and eyes. Other than that, the instructions were good. I often question the methods that Seamwork chooses for things so it’s not uncommon for me to go my own way with them. The methods are okay, but not the best way to do the “thing,” you know?

Anyhoo, I love this top and have worn it a heck of a lot since making it.

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Seamwork Emmie top
  • Pros:  Good size range. Great pattern.
  • Cons: Not ideal facing instructions. Short length, but drafted that way. No points taken for either since they are my preferences.
  • Make again?: Yes definitely. I really love this top.
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md 5/5 stars



4 thoughts on “Seamwork Emmie Top

  1. Hi Andie

    The top looks so good, it suits you and I think cactus print is v. cool whatever the time of year! Yes, I too think it goes great with the pants (trousers). Hope you’ve been ok by the way xxx

    We’re a couple of weeks ahead spring wise, I have bluebells and dwarf daffodils in my garden as well as some pretty purple wildflowers. My pansies from last year are regrowing too 😁 lots of little birds too. Have a big list of stuff I need to order that I got behind with so once that’s done of the weather is nice I’ll be getting my camera out. Another reason to be outdoors 👍

    Big hugs to all out there with stripes ❤️🦓

    T x

    1. Thanks T! I’ve been okay over here. Yes, it does sound like you are ahead of us with Spring. Sounds absolutely lovely! ❤ ❤ Big hugs to you too! ❤

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