Embroidered Cashmerette Montrose top

I had the Cashmerette Montrose top in my pattern stash for a while but didn’t make it up. I prefer knit shirts, but I’ve been on a woven shirt kick lately.

I actually started making this last year during the #slowprojectchallenge with @chronicallysewn on Instagram. I cut out the top and then embroidered the shoulders:

The embroidery was made using the Josephine pattern from A Tiny Stitch. However, instead of using beads, I decided to just use a purple variegated embroidery floss for the flowers and green for the leaves. I like the look and makes it easier to clean this way.

The Montrose top recently expanded the size to 32 with a bust of 62 inches and hip at 62 inches as well. It’s a darted shell top wth either 3/4 length sleeves or short sleeves. You also have the option of a gathered back with a yoke or a regular back with a keyhole.

I loved the look of the lace versions of the top when it first came out and I may still make that version at some point.

The fabric I used is a lightweight cotton lawn in a light lavender colour. It goes pretty nicely with my Sculthorpe pants imho. I made a 22GH graded to a 26 at the hips. It’s not a perfect fit. The front works okay, but the darts need to be lowered for the next version. The back and sleeves need a few more adjustments. I need to do a small full bicep adjustment on the sleeves since they are tough for a top that pulls over your head. The would work fine for a button up top, though. I used the larger bicep pattern pieces, but they are just a smidge too small for the pullover style. The back is also a bit narrow for me. I think using the yoke/gathered version would be better for my mobility. These issues are mostly related to my mobility and difficulty in pulling a more fitted woven top over my head. My shoulder doesn’t like to stay in place.

You can see in the side view how the dart needs to be quite a bit lower. I can’t wear wired bras due to health issues so my bust point is even lower than usual. I’m okay with that, but all the darts need to come down and I keep forgetting to lower them all the time. LOL.

It’s a really cute top and I love the embroidery details on it. The length is great. My ultimate thought with the pattern was to adapt it for another look, which I will be hushed about right now, so I think the pattern is going to be great for some pattern manipulation along with possibly eliminating the dart for the design I want to achieve. Exciting things coming at some point here.

Back to the pattern, the instructions, as always with Cashmerette, are great. I don’t love the method of finishing the keyhole at the back with bias tape so instead I followed the method that the Roscoe blouse has for making the front placket with a rectangular piece for facing. I think it looks great. I used bias tape to finish the neckline and then the facing piece for the keyhole. Other than my own preference, the instructions were good.

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Cashmerette Montrose top
  • Pros: Great shell top. Great size range.
  • Cons: Not a fan of the bias tape finish on the keyhole but that is personal preference. Need to do a full bicep adjustment and add in more width to the back of the pattern. Also need to lower the darts.
  • Make again?: Definitely. Seems like a great pattern to adapt!
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md5/5 stars

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