Me Made May 2020 Roundup

For every day in May, I wore handmade garments and sketched each outfit. I didn’t take selfies for every day, but I did take some:

For the sketches, they use a My Body Model fashion croquis that is based off my own measurements. I start off using the editing features of my Samsung phone’s photo editor, but then switched to a free android app called ArtFlow, which includes layers, more brushes, and many other things. It has additional paid features, but the free version worked well for me this May. I’m not being paid to promote or talk about that app, fyi. I am still using the free version, but if they wanted to give me the paid version for free that would be great!

My plans for the month were:

May 1-2: Wildcard options

May 3-9: Pants

May 10-16: Instagram stories choice

May 17-23: Overalls/Jumpsuits

May 24-30: Pastel rainbow

May 31: Wildcard option

About halfway through the month, my knee dislocated in my sleep so I changed May 10-16 from Instagram stories choice to dresses to reduce the number of things I needed to do and focus on healing.

By far, my favourite week was the rainbow pastel week. Pastels are definitely my fav right now.

To really make the pastel colours pop, I only wore white with them. I also enjoyed seeing the difference in how I sketched the orange Myrtle dress with the app versus the photo editor as seen on May 2 above. I was able to get a much more accurate colour for the dress with the ArtFlow app.

I really love sketching my outfits every May. I am thinking of starting a once a week series on IG where I sketch my outfit that day as well. 🙂


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