Ready to Sew Patsy Overalls

Disclaimer: I got this pattern for free as part of a Curvy Sewing Collective Same Pattern Different Bodies post here. My opinions are my own unless large amounts of money are involved. I could use a house if anyone wants to give me that in exchange for a totally biased review.

The Ready to Sew Patsy overalls are a relaxed fit overall pattern with front panels that include very large pockets, back patch pockets, and a tie for the straps.

The size ranges from a 32 to a 58. I made a size 54 with very few alterations from the original pattern. I shortened the legs in order to fit the pattern into my fabric. I also changed how the tunnel for the straps is constructed and used bias tape since the instructions leave a small area unfinished and I didn’t love that concept.


The fit is pretty good for no alterations. I do see there is something happening with the back thighs and the calves are a bit tight.

The fabric I used is a star for this pattern. It’s vividly coloured pineapples over a light turquoise background. I love it! For the tie, instead of cutting it out of self-fabric, I used a rainbow ribbon I had kicked around.

Can we talk about those front pockets? They are lovely and perfect size for foraging… not sure why I think of foraging with big pockets but there you are!

I think my only issue with the pattern is that the tie is a bit tough to get over my shoulders given my instability there. I think if I were to make the pattern again, I would definitely make loops on the front for the straps and then run the strap through the channeling at the back. Basically, the straps would loop and tie at the front making it easier to untie them for bathroom trips.

I’ve definitely been wearing these non-stop since making them, though, and have made matching masks in the same fabric so I can wear them together. LOL. Quarantine fashion.

Speaking of quarantine fashion, this is my new quarantine hair. I cut it short myself a couple of months back and then bleached it to a strawberry blonde colour and changed to a side fringe look. It was an okay job. I definitely could have used help for cutting the back and I had an asymmetrical look for a bit too. I was happy to chop off the longer hair, though since I was having trouble maintaining it. I’m still thinking I will get an even shorter haircut but I keep waffling on what that looks like. Have you cut your hair during quarantine?

I mean I guess some people aren’t in quarantine anymore… so that could be past tense…

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern:  Ready to Sew Patsy overalls
  • Pros: Great size range. Huge foraging pockets.
  • Cons: Strange method for finishing the channeling for the straps. A bit tough for my trick shoulder to get in and out of so I will be changing the front to have loops.
  • Make again?: Yes! I definitely want to make it again.
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md 4.5/5 stars

4 thoughts on “Ready to Sew Patsy Overalls

  1. Hi Andie

    You look really happy and comfortable in these, I LOVE the rainbow ribbons.

    I think these would be great casual “round the house” wear for me. In the garden, in the work room or just flaked in bed pockets are a big plus as I keep my phone as near as possible in case I need to call for help. Strap wise I have some 1″ rainbow elastic, the sort of thing for undies or a bralette. I’d probably use that. Loose enough to wiggle out of but with just enough grab to stay up. You can find quite a lot of these type of elastics in all colours (also got some in pink camo!) So accessibility wise that’s what I’d try.

    I love that you made a matching mask. Guess what I’m doing this afternoon! Got to get some masks done as baby sister popping round to cut my hair & we having Misters mum drop in this week for his birthday. Weather reasonably good so we can entertain in the garden. Best get on then! Love to you & hubby, everyone take care & stay safe.

    T xxx

  2. I love the 🍍 pineapples!! I’ve now made a couple of these Patsy’s and I love them. I only have one gripe which doesn’t seem to be an issue for yours. I think the front bib should be wider because inevitable as the day goes on one side of the bib will end up in between my boobs and I have to adjust. The bibs, back or front don’t stay full and flat across, inevitably they will gather, which I like but that is part of the problem that lets one side fall between my boobs. It’s a really comfy pattern though.

  3. So cute! I’ve been eyeing these overalls and I love your take.

    As for quarantine, we were told they’re not giving us a date to go back to work because they don’t want us to freak out… My guess is maybe sometime in 2021? Maybe I can move further away from the city if my job stays work-from-home.

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