Muna and Broad Willandra pants

Disclaimer: I received this pattern for free. My opinions and my booty are my own. Don’t touch the booty.

The Muna and Broad Willandra pants are a tapered pant with elastic back and feature a diagonal side seam.

Muna and Broad patterns have a great size range:

I made a size 1 with no changes whatsoever.

Muna and Broad, for me, fit quite well with no alterations. These aren’t perfect though but they are pretty good! The back fit is probably where there are a few issues. However, that may also be because the fabric is a bit thicker than what the pattern calls for and that I messed up the topstitching on the back waistband and I also cut the elastic a bit short…which made topstitching tough… I’m going to make them in a lighter fabric next time so I can get a more accurate feel for the fit issues.

The fabric I used is a soft microsuede with a satin back. It’s definitely not middle of summer pants but these will be great for going out on a cold winter night. The pockets are so lovely on this pattern! The finish on them is **chef’s kiss** good.

I did have some fabric constraints so my pockets are not made with self-fabric but a facing and then a different fabric. That does work out better since the fabric is a bit heavy and the facing looks pretty slick.

I freaking love that front fit. It’s so good. The front waistband is flat and the back is elastic so it really looks great from the front.

They are relatively high-waisted but not super high. They are about the same as the Sculthorpe pants in terms of rise.


Here are their three pants patterns: left is the Willandra, middle is Sculthorpe, and right is the Glebe pants. The Glebe pants win for the highest rise of the three. Sculthorpe are just slightly higher than the Willandra pants, but maybe not even noticeably so except when I wear them.

Overall, Muna and Broad patterns are always a great win for me. I often use their crotch curve to help me figure out whether I need to make alterations to other patterns too!

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Muna and Broad Willandra pants
  • Pros: Amazing size range. Those freaking pockets are gorgeous and large. I love the diagonal side seam and the flat waistband front.
  • Cons: I can’t think of any except what issues I had with the back waistband that were on me for cutting the waistband a bit short.
  • Make again?: Yes yes yes! I could definitely make a bunch more. I want to try the pattern out in a drapier fabric too.
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md5/5 stars

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