Muna and Broad Banskia Bralette

It’s 2021 everyone! It’s still the middle of a pandemic, though, so wear a mask and stay home. Mmkay!

2020 was a year. 2019 was a year. Etc. I don’t attribute any one year to the troubles in my life. It’s all part of the systemic issues that our society has and until those change… the years are not getting better. I am still disabled and sick and financially at risk and housing insecure. I will side-eye anyone who is experiencing relief from a digit change, because it doesn’t change anything. I experience relief from the wins we’ve had as we tackle all the issues in our society. Those wins emphasize that there is good in every bad year. Also, saying it was a bad year tends to ignore all the transformation and change. Change is a tough thing to tackle but it’s necessary if we want a better future. 2020 wasn’t a fluke or a series of unfortunate events. It was brought on by a number of things that our society can no longer tolerate. There is still so much change to come and 2021 isn’t about to stop that. I’m focusing on the transformations and wins I had from 2020.

  • Finally got diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction and sleep apnea
  • Got better migraine meds and a neuro who cares
  • Got a speech therapist and physio therapist
  • Took a self-management workshop for people with chronic pain and found some useful bits
  • Got a zz plant after lusting after them for years.
  • I mended my childhood quilt, which was made by both my maternal Grandma and my Mom

I replaced a few squares from my flannel scraps and then replaced the binding around the quilt as well as some cotton corners on the back. Everything is handstitched on except for the first pass of the binding. This was for the #slowprojectchallenge.

Makes me so happy to sleep under it again and take it out of storage.

The year was made all the better by having my partner around. We’ve always been solid but this past year was blissful in our relationship as we focused on communication and showing love. ❤ 

Muna and Broad Banksia Bralette

The Muna and Broad Banksia Bralette has been out for a while and I am a big fan. I have made two different versions so far and love them both. 

For both versions, I used cotton lycra and firm powernet. The purple version is my first one. Both versions are also paired with Waratah undies. 

Speaking of Waratah undies, I can’t stop making them. I love them so much!

I made a lot of panels based on how much was available for my cotton lycra or bamboo scraps. Makes me so happy.

Back to the Banksia, the bralette is a pull-over style and has internal slings in powernet and can be lined in powernet too. Both my versions have the slings and a layer of powernet lining. 

I made size G D cup with about a 1/4 of an inch removed from the front straps and 1 inch  removed from the back straps for the first version. I did not use the narrow shoulder pieces.

I am pretty pleased with the fit overall. 

Here is my second version with the matching undies. After wearing both around for the last few months, I think I will add some length to the centre front and then taper it to the side seams. The elastic band rides up just a bit under my bust. I won’t be adding in too much, though, since I don’t want to compromise that lift. With the powernet and internal slings, it’s really quite supportive. I’ve worn it out to doctors appointments as well and find it so comfortable to wear for that. 

I have one Banksia already cut out before I decided to do alterations to the pattern but I will update on the fit once I get another cut out. I’m thinking the next one is going to be another in the yellow fabric since I have a bit leftover. It will be a while for it though since I am completely out of powernet with no money to buy more. Boo. 

I was a bit hesitant with this pattern because of two possible health issues that may be triggered by it: bad shoulders in getting it on me and compression hives. But the compression on this is more gentle and it helps that the elastic is completely enclosed. I also find that the bralette goes over my shoulders much more easily than others like it. I think I will definitely be making the swimsuit version at some point too because I imagine it would also be much easier than the other swimsuits I have to get on and off. 

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Muna and Broad Banksia Bralette
  • Pros: That internal sling is pure genius and I love it. Size range is *chef’s kiss*
  • Cons: Not sure there are any?
  • Make again?: Obviously!

Rating: 5/5 stars


11 thoughts on “Muna and Broad Banskia Bralette

  1. HI Andie

    glad you got some medical help. Cant say the same sadly! Was going to ‘go private’ this year but covid put pay to that. glad also you found the holy grail… comfy undies! Hope you get some more powernet, undies are definitely on my need to make list for this year. I love the stretchy bra tops as they can be stretched around spasm-y arms and shoulders so your reviews are really helpful. I would love to make my own. my sewing mission is finding or self drafting ‘boy-shorts’ with an internal panty type gusset for holding incontinence/ sanitary pads. hoping I’ll properly learn to love my overlocker in the process. Did ask Santa for some spoons but he said the elves don’t have the steel casting capability. Think he missed my meaning a little!

    take care and stay safe everyone. back in full lockdown here (about 3 months too bloody late but there you go…) if it keeps my Mister, and by extension me a little safer, I don’t care!

    Big hugs to you and Velvet

    T x

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that medical professionals aren’t helping. 😦 I really hope you can find someone to help. It took me a while here. 😦

      Many hugs to you and the Mister. ❤

  2. So happy that there’s been some improvement in your health situation, Andie. *hugs* Now these undies look great and comfy. And the Banskia bralette are nice. Did you try any with only the slings in power net?

    1. Thanks so much Abbey. 🙂 Sorry do you mean only using power net in the slings and then leaving it unlined or lining it in self fabric? I have only tried powernet for the slings and lining fabric as well. My bust is 44HH so I figured the support would be much needed. 🙂

      1. Yes, was unclear, sorry. I meant lining in self fabric with power mesh slings. These postpartum boobie of mine are still a strange weight/shape at almost 18 months and without breastfeeding. I’m still wearing comfy nursing bras tbh. Even before baby 36GG boobs needed some support but I’ve been checking which variation of support different sewists have been using for this pattern to get a gauge of what to try. Although, nothing truly beats a muslin. But fabric costs for good bra support are often prohibitive for me, since they can’t be sourced locally here in Barbados

      2. Ahh gotcha. I do think lining in the main fabric can work. I know of another sewist who did that without the slings. They have a mid to large sized chest and it looked pretty supportive. I think it depends on the fabric, though. An athletic knit would likely work really well since they tend to have good stretch and recovery. I hope you can try it out and it works for you. I really love the pattern and it seems to be supportive for a lot of bust types.

  3. Hi Andie, I’m wondering which chronic pain program you tried. I’ve looked at Curable, and I like their meditations, but the repressed-emotions-cause-pain? I just can’t go there. I don’t think I have repressed emotions. I’m 58 and have had tons of therapy and pain has only gotten worse. I do believe the rewiring brain patterns does work, though.

    It’s good to hear how you are, I wish you the best.

    1. Hi Heidi, Sorry for the delay in replying. The program was through my local community health centre in Toronto (east end). Most pain programs seem to have a variation on the brain/pain connection. Repressed emotions can cause chronic pain, but it’s not true for everyone. It sucks that pain program thinks it is true. 😦

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