Friday Pattern Company Cambria Duster

I love the Cambria Duster from Friday Pattern Company a lot. Last year, I made three versions and couldn’t share until the Minerva site was live… All were for the Minerva site (check out my profile here with all my shared projects). Okay, technically, I could have shared. Just not the exact wording. But then migraines. 

It feels overdue to share these now since I love the pattern so much. It was after that I decided that no new pattern would hit my Minerva makes because I really want them to hit my blog first as reviews. 

The Cambria duster is a long unlined jacket pattern with a tie and pockets that are built into the front panels. It’s a drop shoulder pattern meant to be worn with the sleeves turned up to show a cuff.

I made a 3XL with no alterations for my first one and bound all the seams in brightly coloured bias tape (basically whatever I had on hand). I used a lovely neon rainbow flecked chenille

The fit is spot on for the design. Loose and comfy to wear. I am wearing the sleeves without the cuffs turned up above. You can see how the sleeves are longer to accommodate the turned up cuffs.

I really love this version. It’s perfect for a Spring/Summer/Fall jacket for me. 

My next version was made with some terry fabric in a neon yellow and some brown non-stretch knit from my stash.

I shortened this version to fit my fabric requirements. It’s so freaking lovely to wear. I just love it so much.

How cute, right?

The final version was heavily modified since I used a cerise cotton lace for it. I removed the seams from some panels so that there were fewer seams to sew. As much as I love cotton lace, it tends to be quite thick and odd to sew. I didn’t want extra seams. I think the toughest thing about this type of lace has to be cutting it out. I also tried to cut on a single layer as much as possible. I still hurt my hands enough that I needed to ice them after.

I just couldn’t have hoped for a better result! The facings were eliminated as well so that they are just one layer. I shortened the length slightly and made the seams a bit straighter down so it sits open. 

It’s super cute and I love it. Have I worn it much since making it? Nope. Not many places for me to wear it, but it also counts for chic lounge wear so I should probably just throw it on for zoom meetings. Haha.

The instructions on the pattern were great like all FPC patterns. 

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Friday Pattern Company Cambria Duster
  • Pros: Great details. Those pockets btw are *chef’s kiss* big. 
  • Cons: Size range could be better. I will say that whenever a pattern ends in the 50-59 inch range. 
  • Make again?: Isn’t three enough? No, Andie, it isn’t.
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md5/5 stars



7 thoughts on “Friday Pattern Company Cambria Duster

  1. Hi Andie, Your latest makes look gorgeous. This time you’ve inspired me and I visited the Minerva site, resulting in me buying a beautiful wool blend fabric in mauve and in pale grey.
    I’m going to make a jacket in the mauve with a lovely shimmery silver lining. The grey will have a pink woven look lining.
    So thank you for the inspiration. Thinking of you, just had a diagnosis of `Hypermobility’ all these years I thought I was `double jointed’ explains why my knees, hips and shoulders regularly dislocate.
    Take care, stay safe and sane

    1. Hi Lucy! Thanks so much! 🙂 I’m glad I inspired you to buy fabric. LOL. 😀 Glad you got a diagnosis! I hope there is a team that can help you manage it. ❤

      1. Hi Andie,
        Thank you for your swift reply 🙂
        Sadly due to our level of lockdown, I’m on my own
        dealing with my health issues.
        The positive in my life is Luda, she’s a German Shepherd puppy
        15 weeks old today and training as my Assistance (Service) dog.
        Stay safe and sane

      2. Oh no. I hope things improve there so you can get some help. So glad you have Luda to help. 💜💜

  2. Of the three, the chenille is my favourite! Looks so fancy and classy, but still super cosy. Then the other two are super casual and still cute and cosy. Love that the different fabrics give each a totally different vibe.

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