Cashmerette Saybrook tank top

The Same Pattern, Different Bodies post on the Saybrook tank has been out for a while and my yellow set is posted on Minerva, but I always want reviews to go on my blog. Sadly, these posts rarely get much engagement, because they have been posted elsewhere, but whatever. I don’t just do this for the likes. I enjoy tracking my reviews.

The Saybrook tank from Cashmerette is a sleeveless tank top with three views: tied hem, regular hem in full length, and cropped length with elastic band.

I have made two views using the full length: one with the tie hem and one without.

This was my first one. I used a cotton knit and a knit binding. I should have shortened the knit binding as it was a bit stretchier and had poor recovery. The hips were a bit tight on this version, but I was also experiencing inflammation and swelling in this picture. I made a size 22 GH graded to a 28 at the hips.

Because this was just a wearable muslin and I had some fabric constraints, I didn’t attempt to match the stripes at the side at all.

I wear this one as pjs because the binding made the armholes a bit droppy, for lack of a better word. That’s due to the binding having more stretch and less recovery.

It’s still pretty cute, though, so I cut out my next one:

The hips fit much better in this version because I am not swollen as much. I also sewed with a narrow seam allowance this time (1/4 inch at the waist to the hips). I do think for my next version, I will grade out slightly more at the waist.

I love the look of the tie and it untied too. It’s a cute look. I used the same fabric from Minerva from my Banskia Bralette. It’s a nice cotton lycra in yellow with random images on it. Very 90s print.

I paired them with cropped Belmont leggings for a full Cashmerette outfit on top and then a Muna and Broad outfit on bottom.

I do have an issue with the straps. They fall forward and are a little too long. I have a short distance between my bust and shoulders so this is a typical adjustment for me. Next version, I will grade out the waist a bit and also remove some length from the straps, with a bit more removed at the back than the front, much like the alterations I did for my Banksia Bralette.

I absolutely love the yellow version and can’t stop wearing it. I used self-fabric for the binding so all the underarm droop was gone from this version, as I figured. It’s a good point to make that often with knits, if your fabric sucks, your fit will too. Poor recovery in knit binding is pretty common in my experience. Definitely go for self-fabric or a good recovery fabric for the binding on this top. It can really cause the fit to be strange. Body fluctuations are something I build into how I determine my size. My hips can go anywhere from 52 inches to 56 inches based on my inflammation levels. Sometime my waist is 47 inches and sometimes it bloats to 50 inches because of gastro issues so I try to grade between sizes for that. My bust/upper chest is pretty consistent so I can make that area more fitted. I also tend to make the sleeves a bit larger than my biceps because my shoulders can dislocate if tops are hard to remove.

I love sewing for the very reason that it makes it so easy to accommodate my needs not just in fit, but also in fabric, finishes, closures, etc. Makes me happy. πŸ™‚

I think the only issue I had with the pattern is that the binding is hard for me to sew in because of my hand pain. The first version was really tough to sew, but that is likely due to the binding fabric. The second time was a lot easier, but still tough because it is so narrow. I managed to make it work. Mostly pins were not working for me so I used wonder clips instead and went very slowly (which is torture for someone who sews at the highest speed hahaha).

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Cashmerette Saybrook Tank
  • Pros: Good size range up to 62 inch hip. Love the options for the views.
  • Cons: Knit binding was tough for me to sew because of hand issues. That’s a me issue, though.
  • Make again?: Yes, please. I used the Concord T as a tank pattern for ages but this tank is much better since it is fully drafted for sleeveless. It covers the bra straps. It’s a lovely style with the tie hem. I love it.
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md5/5 stars

7 thoughts on “Cashmerette Saybrook tank top

  1. Hi Andie

    I do love a tank… It fits you really well, though I’ve known them for years as a “vest top”… Great for showing off my ancient tattoos, a staple of the 90s that like my old festival trousers have lived on lol. I might have this pattern (got to check my storage drives) so as it’s a pattern that wouldn’t need acres of table top to cut I might use it as my “tame the overlocker” project.

    Finally updated my Minerva password so you now have an extra follower 😁

    Hope all is well with you, I’m still shielding, and although they’ve started vaccinations I’m a good way down the property list as my asthma isn’t that bad so all will stay as it’s for now. Good job as it’s cold out!

    You take care and stay safe, hugs, T x

    1. Hi T,
      Thanks so much! I contemplated adding in vest there. My inner Brit was telling me to. LOL. Stay safe and many hugs ❀

  2. I always appreciate your reviews where ever I read them. Thanks for your suggestions for how to adjust the pattern and your great choices of fabric.
    Your fan Amy

  3. I don’t know how tall you are but that strap shortening adjustment sounds like something l have to do to every pattern to get a good fit in the shoulders and neckline. I am 5’2” and it has made a big improvement in the fit. Some nice sewists online suggested it after I posted pictures and asked for help. Thanks for your review. I love Cashmerette! I don’t have this pattern though I have hacked the Concord into a tank which works for me for now.

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I am 5’3″ and find it a common adjustment for the straps for sure. I loved my hacked Concord tank! I do like the shaping on the Saybrook more, though, but I still wear a lot of my Concord tanks. ❀

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