Blank Slate Patterns Marigold Dress

I’m trying to clear out my to-sew pile after the last year and a bit when I was often too sick to sew. A lot of projects in the pile had been cut out for a while. It’s been a while since I made a dress. I haven’t really worn them much this past year and still have no desire to make more dresses. I feel more gender affirmation from the pants making and shirt making I have done over the year. That said, I love this dress and I still like wearing dresses, just not every day like before when I was masking. 

The Blank Slate Patterns Marigold is a dress, skirt, or peplum blouse with a half button placket, elastic waist, and gathering at the shoulders/back yoke. It has cap sleeves, short sleeves or long sleeves. I have been wanting to make it for ages. It was graded up so I was able to fit into the size range. I think I cut it out shortly after the size range was increased using a red rayon print from Blackbird Fabrics. 

I cut out a 3XL. I used the SBCC method to adjust the bicep. It does add in more to the bust under the arms, but this is overall a loose fit so that’s okay. The sleeves have a great fit as a result.

It’s a really cute dress. The pockets are anchored in the waistband so no droopy pockets. I also increased their size, as per usual.  

The fit is pretty good. The only issue is the neck is a bit wide and the collar sits a bit weird at the back/front because of it being too big and gaping. The shoulders also need to be narrowed, but that does really show in the picture because of the busy print. You can definitely see the gaping in the side view pictures, though. 

It’s a very cute dress. I love the 40s house dress feel of it, which is really why I wanted to make it and wear it with these cute saddle shoes that my feet are too effed up to wear except for in blog pictures. 

I loved the fabric, too. It was lovely to sew and pressed beautifully. Look at the drape on that skirt! ❤

Instructions on the pattern were good. Line drawings versus pictures, which always makes me happy to see.

I think, in spite of the fact that the size range was increased, that it isn’t a great size range. I basically want the standard out there to be 60 inches at very least. It’s not that much more than 55 but those 5 inches mean a lot to many people. I’d love for every company to adopt the grade up to your size for free model. You can’t really call yourself size inclusive these days unless you are actually willing to do extra work to include all sizes. I think a lot of sewing pattern companies, both indie and big 4, would never do that, but they really should. Sizing is such a barrier to sewing. If you really believe sewing is for everyone, than really put your effort into that.

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Blank Slate Patterns Marigold
  • Pros: Love the style of it and I love it in that fabric so much. Good instructions.
  • Cons: Pockets need to be bigger. Size range could be improved. Neck and shoulders fit larger on me.
  • Make again?: I may make it again at some point, but I think the peplum next time.
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md4/5 stars



4 thoughts on “Blank Slate Patterns Marigold Dress

  1. I really like this style and color on you. Even though the fabric is electric, the whole effect is to put the spotlight on you and not just your clothes. Together the style, type of fabric and color are a top winner in my opinion. The neckline provides some formality. I wonder if you would ever want to make it into a shirt that would work with pants?

    1. Thanks, Lindsay. 🙂 I definitely want to make the shirt version at some point. I plan on fixing up the neckline and shoulders first, but I can see many more versions in the future.

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