Introducing Workhorse Patterns Shona Romper

Disclaimer: I tested this pattern and received it for free. My opinions are my own, until someone offers me a house and lots of money, please?

Click here to see the pattern page for the Shona Romper.

Supply list and line drawings of the Shona Romper pattern

Size chart for sizes 20 to 34 of the the Shona Romper pattern

The Shona Romper is a collaboration between Piped Dream patterns and Workhorse Patterns. It has two views: 1) A long-sleeve henley version of the romper 2) A sweetheart neckline version of the romper with straps. The romper has optional snap closer at the crotch. The henley version has snaps instead of buttons.

Andie, a short fat white nonbinary person, stands in front of a white backdrop with their hands on their hips and smiling. They are wearing a green and black printed romper with long sleeves and white cuffs.  20210222_1621057799893660919262134.jpg

Here is version 1 of the henley style. My ribbing was unfortunately poor quality so in spite of the fit changes I made, the leg openings are a bit wavy.

I made a 28 graded to a 22 at the hips. For fit changes, I shortened by 6 inches and graded the legs in by around 1.5 inches. In my shortening process, I also shortened the placket, but I do wish I hadn’t. With a shorter placket, it can reduce mobility. It’s a bit tough for me to get this version on and off since I didn’t add in the crotch snaps. The final alteration I did was to narrow the shoulders by an inch.

I quite love the romper, though. I need to source some better quality ribbing or modify it to allow for less stretchy material on the hems.

Because I am apparently an overachiever, I made version 2 as well.

20210222_1626022326923710044140956.jpg 20210222_1625548551789287142077307.jpg

I used the same ribbing so this one still has issues with the leg openings. I used some twill ribbon for the straps on this version. I did the same alterations on this one as above excluding the shoulder adjustment for obvious reasons (no shoulder seams lol). In addition to the same alterations, I also removed about 2 inches from the centre back and graded out at the hips. I have a narrow back and this alteration helped keep the ribbing more tight across the top.

And actually, these two were my third and fourth versions of the pattern since I started off with muslins for both versions! I won’t be sharing my version 2 muslin because I still need to alter it due to fit issues across the top due to a narrow back. The only issue on my first Version 1 muslin was the length of it. I was able to make it into a henley top, though.

20210222_1628268899849360668519789.jpg 20210222_1628028432220011786068542.jpg

It’s super cute and I love it! For a shirt, it needs slightly more room in the hips, but for a romper, that is good. If I do modify the pattern to a top pattern, I would definitely add more room in the hips, but this is a great top for WFH comfy.

20210222_1621214449495978077781661.jpg 20210222_1628201867855811909635388.jpg 20210222_1625023961401577040434912.jpg

Look how adorable all three versions are? Once I get the other version 2 altered to fit, I will share that as well. It’s super cute. In terms of fabric, the red and green versions are made with a printed rayon knit. The blue version 2 is made with brushed poly. I really like all three. Just a note that I am not wearing a bra for version 2, but I am wearing one for both version 1s.

I loved the testing process with this pattern. Both Workhorse Patterns and Piped Dream Patterns have a great process built in. I’m a bit late in posting this since the pattern has been out since the beginning of March, but better late than never.

I have been having issues with increased anxiety lately since we are undergoing a big life change that will help us in the long term but is tough right now. We’re making the move from Toronto to Ottawa in May. It will be great for the long term in that we will be able to save some money, but moving coupled with disability make the expenses pretty high. We’re having to choose between not great options. So if anyone has the capacity to give, I would so appreciate a Kofi. Click here to go to my Kofi profile.

I’ve got a host of other projects waiting to be posted. After those are all done, there will be a bit of a quiet period while I move. ❤ Once I set up my new space, I’ll share some pictures from it!


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