Muna and Broad Grainger Coat

The Muna and Broad Grainger coat is an oversized, quilted coat in two lengths: hip length and thigh length.

Click here to see the Muna and Broad Grainger coat.



Muna and Broad has a fantastic size range and will grade their patterns up if you need a larger size.

I made a size G with no alterations. My bust fluctuates between 51 inches and 53 inches and my hips are fluctuating between 51 inches and 54 inches these days, but I like extra room in the hips (even with the oversized style of the coat) so I didn’t fuss with grading down at the hips.

20210214_1209512305256919116219867.jpg 20210214_1209404225596320782425147.jpg

The fabric I used is a faux shearling. It has a soft blue faux suede on one side and white fur on the other side.


It’s so freaking soft on the inside. All the edges are finished with a pink and white gingham bias tape.

20210214_1210037128083159144381596.jpg 20210214_1210126100271348286053101.jpg

I think the fit is oversized and comfy. While there is folding at the bust, it is a stiff fabric and the sleeves are drop sleeves so I am not too fussed on that issue since it’s so comfy. I do find two issues that I will be adjusting: 1) the v neck is a bit low for me due to being so easily cold and 2) the length is just slightly too long. I’m going to raise where the V ends so I don’t need a massive scarf for the next version. The length I will probably raise by 4 inches or just go with the short length version next time. 

20210214_1209432253821784601209552.jpg 20210214_121049874725325424403966.jpg

I made it back in February and have been reaching for it as much as I can since. Thankfully, it was a warmer February and March than usual so it was perfect timing! I love the colour of it. I’m slowly replacing all my boring coats with fun, bright or pastel coats. In the Fall, I am finally going to make my light blue winter coat so I wanted to use this fabric to see if I love that colour for a coat and I clearly do! I have been saying I will make a new winter coat for a few years but I plan on tossing out my older winter coat since it’s ripping and the fabric is pilling now after 6 years of use! I never loved the colour of the coat much so I am excited to make one more my style now. 

20210214_1210061888500208351662372.jpg 20210214_1209478555945679531602621.jpg

All the inside seams are finished with a serger. For the armsyce and the shoulder seams, I also sewed the seam allowance down by topstitching 1/4 inch from the seams on either side in order to reduce bulk. It makes for a lovely finish. Side seams are just serged and pressed to the back.

I will be making another version of this that is quilted and on that one, I will bind all the seams. 


The plan is to do something like the above picture with pastel rainbow triangles. On the front of the coat, there will be an upside down V shape. I haven’t decided how to do the back quite yet. I may just do stripes across. I need more yellow fabric first and a lighter shade. I’m not going to be using the bright yellow there but more of a soft light yellow. However, all of that will have to wait until I have money for materials (I will need batting and a lining fabric). Also, it’s waiting until after the move to Ottawa. 

Speaking of that, if you have any capacity to help us out with that, I would so appreciate it. Click here to donate to my Kofi account. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far. It means so much while we go through a tough change but a much needed and good change for us. We’ll be in a much better spot to survive in the new place.

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: Muna and Broad Grainger coat
  • Pros: Great size range plus the option to get it graded up for free. Lovely sized pockets. Oversized look. 
  • Cons: Honestly, can’t think of any.
  • Make again?: I have a quilted version planned out.
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md5/5 stars


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