Helen’s Closet March top guest post

Hello everyone! I’m super happy to be back and with something amazing!

First off, move update. I am now in Ottawa! Ottawa is built on un-ceded Algonquin Anishinabe territory. We are getting settled and are mostly unpacked now but I haven’t been sewing too much in the past couple of months. Please click here to see my Land Acknowledgement that includes donation links and my mission statement.

Helen’s Closet March top

I recently did a guest post on Helen’s Closet. Full disclosure I did receive the pattern for free and received compensation for my blog post. Click here to see the blog post on Helen’s Closet. 

I made two March tops, because I wanted to make sure it fit as I wanted first. It definitely fit as I wanted it.

I’m not going to duplicate the post since all the information is in there, but since I took bunches of pictures, I wanted to share more here!

Here is my first version:


I used a lovely printed rayon in a purple poppy print. 

Here is my second version:


I made it with two colours of cotton linen and embroidered some details on the front panel:



At first, I created this whole under sea themed embroidery for it and haaaated it. I loved the embroidery so I will probably make something similar and hang it on the wall. I decided to go more simplistic for it and also save my hands a bit of effort. I chose pastel rainbow and used basic stitches for it. There are more details in the post. 

Here are a bunch of pictures that I took but didn’t add to the guest post:

I also have a blooper reel:


When your remote isn’t working and you have to go back to your phone to see what the issue is with it.

20210418_11515152244500647054494.jpg 20210418_1144437617081527600346595.jpg

These are definitely looks I give to strangers when they try to hit on me. LOL.


And finally, multiple pictures of my butt because I accidentally pressed the button on my remote too long and it took burst photos. Hhahah!




2 thoughts on “Helen’s Closet March top guest post

  1. Hi Andie

    First, wishing you a great future in your new home

    Very enjoyable review, informative and helpful as ever. Adored the blooper reel, really made me giggle

    Been a long day and it’s meds and bed soon, had to stop and comment after reading post and links as if I left it til tomorrow I’d forget.

    Take care, T x

  2. Outtakes are always my favorite because they’re so delightfully candid. They remind me of the disposable film cameras that were always a suprise to get developed. Your March’s look fantastic and I’m glad you’re settling in to your new space.

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